Pandya Store 6th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva apologizing to Raavi. He goes. She says you really said sorry to me. She recalls their moments and cries. She says you really changed. Dev says I should do something for Dhara. Rishita comes. He asks her to explain Dhara, she needs them. She says no, she needs her space, its between Dhara and Gautam. Dev says I also feel that Dhara is right. She says no, you are wrong. Shiva comes to Raavi. She says you won’t get forgiven, have the tea. He asks will I get forgiven if I drink the tea. She says its for your headache. He stops her. He asks what’s the solution for my forgiveness. She says you have hurt me, you can’t ask for a solution. Krish gets Kirti’s call. He says I never thought that Dhara and Gautam will have such big fight, I m scared, they may get separated. She says come on, such fights go on, chill.

Janardhan asks why does Kirti go to the old market, is she meeting Rishita. Kamini says I will break her legs, maybe she is going for shopping. Kirti sees them outside the door. Rishita says Gautam didn’t do wrong. Dev says I m afraid that Dhara…. Rishita says take tension of the store site, we can solve the family matter, what if anything wrong happens at the store. Dev asks her not to boss him. She says I m just explaining you to think practically. She says we had enough discussion. He goes. She says if the time doesn’t complete on time, then anything can happen. Shiva makes Raavi sit. She says you are saying just one sorry for many mistakes. He says I will say many sorrys. She asks him to do something amazing. He asks what shall I do now, I jumped into the well because of you. She says you have to unite Dhara and Gautam, then I will forgive you. Janardhan asks whom were you talking. Kirti says my college friend. He takes her phone to check. Kirti signs Kamini. Kamini asks him to stop it. He says these girls got spoilt because of you. He gets a call and goes.

Kamini sees Krish’s name and asks why did you talk to him. Kirti says I was talking to Rishita on his phone. Kamini scolds her and goes. Kirti says they can’t understand a girl and a guy’s friendship. Shiva says I can’t unite them, Dhara will not forgive Gautam, she thinks we all are wrong, she isn’t wrong. Raavi says Gautam decided that to save Dhara, so we supported her, we should think of moving on. He says you forgive me and end it. She says you are shouting again, say sorry from the heart else no use, prove it, you won’t change. She goes smiling and thinks he liked to fight with me, now I get fun in teasing him. Its morning, Dhara does the tulsi puja. She greets Suman. Suman says I made this syrup for you, it will give you strength, drink this, you can do the work, I will not let you fall sick, have this, you can cry if you want. Dhara drinks it. Raavi says just Suman can do this, Dhara wasn’t taking care of her health. Rishita says we should make Gautam and Dhara patch up. Gautam comes home.

Dhara sees him and goes. Rishita asks Gautam to apologize to Dhara and explain his side of the story. He goes to the room. He says give me a chance to explain. She refuses and goes. He follos her to the kitchen. Suman and everyone come there to see. Gautam asks how can the unborn baby become more imp than you, why can’t you see my pain. Shiva says I will go there. Raavi stops him. Dev asks shall I make them fight. Rishita says let them speak first. Suman says yes, let Dhara vent out the frustration. Gautam asks was I not the baby’s dad, I also lost my baby. Dhara says you killed the baby. He says stop it, you are calling me a murderer, if I didn’t take that decision, then you would have fallen in danger, I m wrong, my mistake is that I love you a lot, I also waited for the baby for ten years. Raavi asks Shiva and Dev not to interfere. Suman says calm down, this isn’t a fight but a patch up, then they can live with love. Rishita says I m tensed for Dhara. Gautam says you have heard your taunts, I heard more taunts, Janardhan insulted me in the market. Rishita says enough, I will talk to them. She goes. Dhara asks Rishita not to talk between them. Gautam says if this situation happens again, then I will do this only.