Pandya Store 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Dev saying you joined the job and didn’t tell me. Rishita says yes, don’t ask me about it, this time, I want to keep my personal and professional lives different. She leaves. Gautam calls out Shiva. Shiva and Dev ask Gautam to take care of Dhara. Dhara smiles. She goes to Suman. Suman asks her to say what’s happening. Dhara says I feel tensed. Suman asks why, because Rishita and Raavi raised voice. Dhara says no, they are like my sisters, I m worried about IVF. Suman says leave everything on Lord. Dhara says I m worried for Hardik and Anita’s marriage, what do you think, is this good. Raavi hears them. Suman says its good, I think Anita is a nice girl, talk to Hardik. Raavi says it means Dhara doubts Anita, so she didn’t talk to Hardik, she doesn’t want this marriage to happen. She goes. Dhara says Hardik will come back soon, I will talk to him. Suman says see about IVF first, we will talk about this marriage later, don’t worry. Dhara says my every problem gets solved when I come to you. She goes.

Shiva comes to talk to Dhara. He sees Raavi in kitchen and turns to go. She stops him and asks him to have breakfast. Dev follows Rishita. She sees him and scolds. He says you didn’t tell me, its my right to know where you are working. She says don’t you dare follow me. She acts and asks someone to help her. He worries.

Raavi says I m your wife, I have a right on you. Shiva says we used to fight, we are standing under one roof, because I started liking you, I wanted to tell you that I love you. He says your kiddish behavior is your simplicity, don’t change yourself, don’t misunderstand Dhara, you know, this happiness came after many difficulties. A man comes to help Rishita. Dev says she is my wife. The man says I will see you. She says no, don’t beat him. She goes. Dev thinks she is mad.

Gautam hugs Dhara. He asks why is she smiling. She shows the alarm for her IVF visit. He says your dream is going to get fulfilled. She says our dream, we all were waiting for it, will everything be sorry. He says yes and hugs her. Rishita comes to Dev and says sorry. He says no need, I don’t ask about the job or you. He goes. Shiva comes to kitchen to have water. Raavi says I should get ready for a fight. Their bracelets get stuck. They have a moment. Jeena hai….plays…

He goes. She says he stopped fighting with me. Her alter self asks her to know Shiva’s feelings. She says go and tell him I love you. Raavi asks what, you think I love him, I love Shiva. She smiles and says he will tell me first. Shiva comes. He hears Raavi talking. She asks why did you come. He says I came to have food. Her alter self asks her to tell him, I love you. Raavi says sorry Shiva, you had made many arrangements on the new years night. He says it was a mistake, I won’t do it again.