Pandya Store 8th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Dhara seeing Raavi crying. Dev asks Rishita not to create a scene. Rishita insults Raavi. She says Raavi fights with Shiva to show that she isn’t happy because of us, we can’t enjoy our moment because of her. Dhara stops Raavi. She starts scolding Rishita. She says there is any limit, you are just saying that, who is Raavi, she is also a bahu of this family, our pride, you have no right to hurt her respect. Rishita says but you had seen Raavi… Dhara says I didn’t finish, you don’t know her, we know her since childhood, she is innocent like kids, she fights with Shiva, but you will always find her standing with Shiva, you don’t know her, how did you comment on her past, did she tell you that she is still living in her past, you need to understand, Raavi or anyone don’t want to snatch your happiness, I can guarantee this, you both are here… Rishita says I was kissing.

Dev gets angry. Rishita says I don’t regret. He asks her to shut up. Dhara says you think there is no one else in this haveli, you have two Devars and Jeth, you have to keep your respect, you should be with Dev in the bedroom, not in the lawn, I know you are young, you can say sorry and end the matter, its your mistake, not Raavi’s, you need to stay in limits, you have no right to insult her this way, we have a happy family, when we are together, we don’t feel lack of anything, joy and sorrow of one is joy and sorrow of everyone, think if you are making one person upset or entire family. Dev says sorry Bhabhi. Rishita says you should be ashamed, she is scolding me and you are apologizing. He says Dhara is right, its our mistake. Rishita says Dhara has a habit to interfere between everything, I m just fed up. Suman, Prafulla and Anita are on the way. The car breaks down. Driver checks. Suman asks him to fix it soon. Rishita says you are also a bahu of this house like us. Dev shouts on her. He says not a single word now, if you say it, it won’t be right for our marriage.

Dhara asks how can you talk to your wife like this. Dev says I had explained her many times that Dhara is like our mum, she will give us lessons and Rishita has to follow it, like we all follow. Rishita asks are you happy now. Dev shouts Rishita. They leave. Dhara cries. Gautam comes to Shiva. Krish thinks I missed that girl again. Gautam asks where is Dhara. Shiva says she went inside. Krish plays jag soona…song. Gautam asks why do you look worried, why are you hearing this sad song. Krish hugs him. Shiva thinks will he tell Gautam about the ghost story, Gautam will beat us. Suman sleeps. Driver fixes the car. Prafulla says I wish Suman never wakes up. She pulls Anita’s ears and asks why did you get Suman along.

Anita screams. Prafulla says get tiffin for me. She asks where did the theplas go. Anita says I just had 4. Suman says I feel hungry on the way, so I had many, its good, look at yourself, you are becoming a bulldozer, how much will you eat. Shiva says don’t cry Krish. Gautam says he isn’t crying. Shiva says he always hugs and cries. Krish says don’t worry, I won’t say. Gautam asks what. Krish says what Shiva is thinking. Gautam asks what are you both hiding. Prafulla goes to catch Suman’s neck. Suman opens eyes. Prafulla says a fly was here. Suman asks driver is it fixed. He says no, it will take time. Suman asks Prafulla to fan air to her. Krish says Shiva wants to make me like him. Gautam asks what, one Shiva is enough for us. Shiva smiles and asks Krish to come.

Gautam asks what’s the matter, why did you get upset, are you missing mum. Shiva says yes, I m also missing her. Krish says I m not missing her, I m just emotional just like that. Shiva says I will make him admit. Dev is worried. Dhara comes and says Rishita would be hurt, you have no right to insult her. He says she has no right to insult you, I m explaining her since the first day, she isn’t understanding. Dhara says you need to give her time. He says she has to love you. She says if I started commanding you on the first day of marriage, would you all respect me, no, we had friendship first, we took time, we have to give time to Rishita. He says she has no right to hurt anyone. She says no one is perfect, Gautam doesn’t like few things in me, its your mistake to misbehave with her. He says yes, I feel suffocated, all the bad things are happening because of me, my decision snatched the house peace. He cries.