Pandya Store: Safeguarding! Dhara fights on all front, goes to meet Arushi

MUMBAI:The Star Plus show Pandya Store has made a place in everyone’s hearts with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. Fans completely relate to each character in the show.

It seems as if the situations are going to get tougher for Dhara and there’s going to be an emotional roller coaster ride.

Previously we saw Dhara get the shock of her life when she sees Aarushi entering the Pandya house. However, it isn’t shocking for just Dhara but also for Raavi.

We see that Aarushi is shocked to see Dhara’s name on the board and stands still. She will later confront her mother about why she lied about Dhara being her stepsister.

Aarushi blames her mother for manipulating her and bringing her to Somnath to be with Dhara. Aarushi then rushes out of the house.

The Pandya family is facing a lot of troubles because of Shweta and Shivank as they are determined to break the house down and destroy Dhara’s hope.

However, the troubles only keep increasing as Shweta’s levels up her game and Shivank helps her stay one step ahead of Dhara.

While Arushi has entered Dhara’s life once again and ruining Shiva-Raavi’s love story, Shweta and Shivank are focused on creating a rift between Krish and Prerna.

Now, Things are not in favour of Dhara because when she plans against Shweta with Krish and Prerna, interestingly, Shivank listens to the whole plan and decides to break Dhara’s hope and not let Prerna go back to Krish.

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