Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Omkar setting up woods and bricks for the havan kund, while Mayura makes other arrangements. He brings flowers and throws on her. She makes garlands. Mayura and Omkar change their clothes. Mayura comes to marry Omkar. They exchange garlands made by Mayura and sit down for the marriage. Omkar signs her that she is looking pretty. Vishaka finds Omkar’s watch and thinks he is hidden somewhere here. She asks goons to search Omkar. Omkar and Mayura begin the marriage rituals. Omkar tells Mayura that they shall take rounds now. Mayura gives her hand in his hand. He lifts her. Mayura says first promise, we will be together amidst the fights, arguments or difference. Omkar says second promise, no third person, circumstances, and destiny will not come in between us. Mayura says third promise, if we leave each other hands, then will search the other. Omkar says we will never get away from each other, even after death, our soul will never go far from each other. They sit and complete the rounds. Mayura says Omkar, we don’t have sindoor. He cuts his finger and fills sindoor with his blood. Mayura cries and gets emotional. He ties black thread as mangalsutra in her neck. Mantras are being played. Their marriage is completed. He kisses on her forehead. Omkar tells that even this whole universe is witness of our love and togetherness.

Raghav is also in the jungle and says why sudden storm came. Vishaka says a storm will come in Omkar and Mayura’s lives and will ruin them. Raghav says I have kept Omkar’s family captive and one day Omkar will be in our captivity too. Omkar gets romantic and tells Mayura that just now they got married. He takes off her garland and kisses on her cheeks. They sleep. In the morning, Omkar wakes up and kisses on her forehead. He wakes up Mayura and tells that they shall leave, today will bring darkness in Vishaka’s life. They get up to leave and see Raghav aiming gun at them. Mayura hugs Omkar. Vishaka comes there with Pandey. She sees havan and says you both got remarried, and haven’t invited me. Omkar says I was doubtful that you was alive as devil don’t die easily. He says that day you was saved, but not today. Raghav stops Omkar. Mayura asks Raghav, why did he come in Vishaka’s talks and tells that she is so selfish and using you for her selfish motive, just like she used me. Vishaka says you shall not talk such bad things about me and tells that she will tell what had actually happened? She says when Omkar was about to attack me, Raghav gave injection to Omkar from behind and also made arrangements of my fake dead body. She says I started planning since then. She says I knew everything about Omkar and thought to enquire about Mayura. She says she found about Raghav and came to know that he is wandering and longing for Mayura’s love. She asks Mayura not to talk bad.

Omkar says I will kill you both. Raghav aims gun at him and asks him to talk to his family once, before harming him. He shows his family in the house on gun point of Police. Manjari tells Shankar that she is worried for Omkar. Shankar says everything will be fine. Megha says I heard them talking about old fort. Sanjay says I will distract the constables, and asks them to go. He coughs and snatches the gun. Shankar snatches other constable’s gun. Sanjay asks them to go. Manjari sees the diya about to set off. Vishaka tells that she is eager to take Omkar and Mayura somewhere. Raghav says you can take Omkar, but Mayura will go with me. He stops the goons. Mayura says no Raghav, I will not go anywhere leaving Omkar. Raghav says I will not let you go there. Mayura says my breath are connected to Omkar and tells that they have sworn to stay together for many births and will not leave him. Vishaka says take them from here. Raghav says if Mayura doesn’t want to leave Omkar, then even Omkar will not go. He asks Pandey to arrest Omkar. Vishaka tells that she has spent 10 years to punish Omkar and tells that both mayura and Omkar will go. She threatens to kill him too. Raghav says I will kill you right here, if Mayura gets even a scratch. He says nobody will know as you are dead in people’s eyes. Omkar tells Mayura that they have to take advantage of their fight, and asks her to get ready. Vishaka tells Raghav that her revenge is not fulfilled now. She tells Mayura that her two lovers are fighting for her. Raghav asks Pandey to take them. Vishaka’s goon keep gun at Pandey and hits him. Pandey falls down. Vishaka then aims gun at Raghav and tells that she will kill Mayura first. Mayura and Omkar get shocked.