Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Omkar comes to Ashu’s house. Ashu and Surekha are shocked. Omkar says where is Mayura? Ashu says none of your business. You detained Piyush. Now don’t be a ghost for Mayura. She’s here. In this city, in this house and she will always be. Do whatever you want. Omkar says your body is weak but your ego is the same. Ashu says I will never weaken. Surekha says Mayura isn’t home. Go from here. Mayura comes there. She’s on the door. Omkar says I came here to say I don’t care whether she’s here or not. When a part of the body is rotten, you have to cut it off. Mayura is the same rotten part of my life, So I am separating her from my life. Maa is right. Mayura is dark energy. She has ruined my life. Mayura says the one who ruined everyone’s life is crying about his own life? He didn’t see Mayura. Omkar picks Mayura’s picture. Omkar says I married her for her beauty. She’s useless for me without that beauty. Ask her to stay away from me. Her life is a disaster now. She can keep crying. I don’t care. Ashu says no one cares. We aren’t dying to have any relation with you. Omkar says don’t speak a lot. I can turn you from ex-FIL to late FIL. He returns Mayura’s picture. Surekha says we will tell Mayura. You go from here. Omkar leaves. He says I am going to Narmala ghat. Maa and I will go there and do pooja to end Mayura’s chapter forever and I will start a new life. He leaves. Mayura hides.

Omkar sits in his car and drives away. Mayura says I am a human. I am not a painting that you can ruin once you don’t like it. I lost my face, friend and everything because of you. You thought I would leave you just like that? I will end all your beginnings.

Scene 2
At night, Manjali says I have thrown all of Mayura’s stuff outside. Her chapter is over. Shudhi Karan is done. Omkar comes out of the car. Balli comes. Omkar says what happened? There are posters all over the floor with Omkar’s face blackened. Manjali says who dared doing this? Threw my son’s face on the floor? With this black color and all these weird words? Balli says I don’t know when someone came and did all this. omkar picks a poster. Manjali says Omi.. You warned Mayura’s family. They can’t do all this. Omkar sees a girl’s shadow. It’s Mayura. Mayura says Omkar ji.. Your heart’s blackness came on your face? Sangemarmar Sartaj’s face is blackened. Mayura laughs. He’s imagining her. Mayura keeps saying Sangemarmar Sartaj’s face is blackened. Oh he’s angry? But I am not. Your Mayura is laughing. You said you want your Mayura smiling. See she’s laughing because her omkar’s face is blackened. Mayura keeps laughing. Manjali says Omi? What are you thinking? No one is there. Manjali says Mayura must have done this before. She will find out you have stepped back. She will sit silently. Her chapter is over today. Balli clean all this. Balli picks the posters. Omkar says I hope this is your last stupidity against me. If something like this happens again, it will get worse.

Mayura comes home. Surekha tells her what Omkar said. Surekha says to Mayura you should also let this go. Mayura says girls can’t sit down and leave our culprits. This fight is for all the girls like me. If I sit down, people will say this Mayura lost everything her face, friend, character, strength and she sat home. I won’t be able to take that. Surekha says we will leave this city. Mayura says I won’t go anywhere. The only one who will go is Omkar and he will go to hell. Mayura says you have been telling me Omkar came. I also want to tell you something. Piyush.. He’s no more. Sanjay, Ashu and Surekha are shocked. Mayura says my friend, my support, he’s no more. Everyone is dazed. Mayura says I did his funeral. Surekha cries. Mayura says Omkar killed her. I have to fight and win for him. Mayura says tomorrow morning Omkar’s destruction will begin.

Scene 3
Next morning, Omkar and Manjali start the day with arti. Omkar looks at Piyush’s photo. Mayura also does arti for Piyush. Omkar says today is the beginning of my new life. Give me blessings Mata Rani. Mayura says I won’t ask you for anything for myself. Give him peace. Omkar says to Manjali I have forgotten everything.

Mayura gets ready in bridal attire. Surekha and Ashu are shocked. She fills her hairline as well. Surekha says whose sindur are you putting in your hairline? Mayura says Omkar’s. Ashu and Surekha are shocked.

Mayura recalls everything he did. Mayura recalls her wedding. Mayura recalls the cage.

Scene 4
Manjali makes feet on the door with red color. She says all steps will bring happiness in this house like maa Laxmi. They go inside. Mayura comes in. Mayura enters the house. Omkar says I forgot my phone. Mayura’s steps are imprinted on the floor. Omkar says you? A lot of women come. They say Manjali maa ji has called us to dance. Manjali says yes I called them. Go in and wait. Omkar says why do I feel like Mayura is near. Omkar stops them and asks them to take off their ghunghats. They all take off their ghunghats. Mayura sat down. They leave. Manjali says Mayura can’t dare entering this house. They must have left the city. Forget get. Let’s start your new life.

Mayura says Omkar.. She runs after him. He looks here and there. Mayura keeps hiding. Manjali comes. He says maa Mayura I heard her name. Manjali says she can’t come here. It will take time you will forget her. Omkar says yeah she can’t dare coming to our house. Mayura says you will be proved wrong.

Episode ends.

Precap-Omkar is caged. He says Mayura I am suffocating here. Please let me out. Omkar says all cages suffocate you, whether they’re made of iron or gold.