Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Omkar says sign the divorce papers and never show me your face again. Mayura says good plan but not good enough to convince me. Your wife won’t ever leave you. Omkar says I have a solution. I knew you won’t listen easily. So I have a solution. He says Balli.. Balli drags in Sanjay. Mayura shouts bhai.. He says I am okay Mayura. Omkar says Balli has a nice heart. He didn’t kill him. Mayura shouts Omkar.. He shouts Mayura.. He says I am louder than you. Mayura says I won’t sit silently. Megha comes in. She says do what you want with your life but stop killing other people. Piyush died and no sanjay.. Omkar says you have only two options. Sign these papers or see being thrown in the jungle. Whatever happens to him, you will be responsible for it not me. You know I can do that.

Sanjay says no Mayura don’t sign. Don’t worry about me. Omkar says you know how to make people come to your team. She says Megha tell your sister if she doesn’t sign these papers, Balli will throw you and your husband in the jungle. Megha says I have only suffered because of you. Stop it now. Please sign. Mayura says di please try to understand. Megha says sign them. Ballo throttles Sanjay. Sanjay says shut up Megha. He says don’t listen to her Mayura. She’s doing a drama. You don’t care if I die or live. Megha says I care about myself. I am selfish because no one cares about me here. I don’t want to live life of a widow. I know what I will have to go through.

Balli keeps hitting Sanjay. Mayura recalls how Piyush died. Mayura says I will sign the papers. Please don’t hit them. Omkar says if you had to sign why did you do such drama and poor Sanjay, he got hit as well. Well, no problem. Sign now. He throws papers on her face. Omkar says come on. Pick the papers and sign them. I don’t have a lot of time. Balli kicks sanjay again. Mayura says no, I am signing. Mayura says in heart do what you want, your happiness countdown has started. Omkar says come on fast. Mayura signs the papers. Omkar claps. Omkar says well done. Our divorce sums up. Manjali smiles. Omkar says your face has this divorce stamp. I got these papers made for old date. We are divorced in this very moment. Mayura throws them on him and says these papers don’t matter to me. You can keep them. Omkar picks the papers. He leaves.

Omkar says maa ask them to leave. It’s not safe right now outside. I don’t want more people to die. Manjali says I will get them kicked out of the house.

Scene 2
Manjalu sees photos of girls. She calls the woman and says I want pretty faces. What have you sent me. I don’t want these dancers looking, girls. This is Cham Cham’s photo, right? We are family-oriented people. We can’t have a girl like Cham Cham as our DIL. Mayura hears this. Mayura picks Cham Cham’s photo. Mayura says it’s a weird society. First they like you on basis of your beauty. When a girl uses her talent to earn, they are disgusted by the same girls? Why doesn’t anyone see their nature? Omkar only saw my face. I will pray for you Chamcham that you find a person who respects you with all his heart. Mayura says my revenge isn’t taken yet. Help me God. I wasn’t accepted here as DIL or wife, only a curse. This curse will stay in your life until you accept your mistake. I will face all your challenges.

Band Baja comes outside the house. Balli and Omkar’s goons dance. Mayura and Shnakar are confused. Omkar says to Mayura divorce papers are submitted. In three days they will be stamped. But then I thought why even let you breathe for 3 days. I want to ruin your life more. You teased me, so I return everything with interest. In 7 days what you have done, I will do double of it in three days. Mayura says be clear. Manjali says tell her Omi. Give her the shock. Omkar says for next three days you will live in this house. Manjali says why? Omkar says wait wait, let me show you. He says come in. A girl walks in. Manjali says miss beautiful. She’s so pretty Omi. Omkar says she’s my wife to be. Say hello to her. Mayura is shocked. Omkar says Aishwariya. The girl says you can call me Ash with love. Namastay didi. Manjali says look at how she is. And this Mayura has such bitter eyes. She says Omi, I really like this girl. Ash says I am so shy. Omkar says sangemarmar like beauty without scars. Like you were once Mayura. I made this line in my hand for beauty. If not you, someone else. Ash says you called me pretty. Omkar says Mayura over, Ash starts. He says Balli, it’s the wedding house. Dance. Balli dances with his men. Manjali laughs. Omkar says for next three days you’re my wife. Do your work. I know it doesn’t matter to you. But when people see my first wife is preparing for welcome of my first wife, they will mock you. Until I get married to Ash you will stay here. You have to handle all work for my wedding. You will prepare my tilak kumkum. You will prepare the haldi. You will prepare mehndi for my wife. You will do all the work. Ash’s mom comes as well. Mayura says you made a mistake by stopping me Omkar. Now see what I do.