Pratigya 2 18th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Krishna is about to stab Adarsh but Pratigya takes a glass bottle and says don’t kill otherwise I will kill myself. Krishna grabs her and says why should I care for you if you don’t love me? Tell me that it was all lie? I won’t let you die easily, you will burn as I do, you will be in pain 24/7. He stumbles away from there.

Meera prays to God and says I hope Krishna is fine. Krishna enters there and falls down. Meera and others rush to him. She asks him to handle himself. Krishna says she said that she doesn’t love me? I know she loves me. Sumitra thinks that even after all that, he went back to her. She takes out some powder and says only this is the solution.

Meera brings Krishna to his room. Krishna blabbers that I took Pratigya above God but she is being unfair. Garv comes there and sees him like that. He runs away from there. Meera runs behind him.

Pratigya cleans Adarsh’s wounds and says that’s why I wanted to leave your house. I thought Krishna wouldn’t even look at me, I didn’t know if he would start hurting himself, if he doesn’t handle himself then who will take care of Garv? I am sorry that you had to bear all this. Adarsh says don’t say that, I am proud to help you, you both were together for 10 years, Krishna used to pray to his love so he can’t get over it so easily. Sumitra comes there and asks how is she? Pratigya asks if Krishna and Garv are fine? Sumitra says Krishna has been drinking since last night, don’t go weak now, we will find a way. She says I have brought laddos for you. Her flashback shows how Sumtira had mixed poison in it. Pratigya says I am not in the mood to eat. Sumitra says it’s healthy so eat. Pratigya says the doctor has said.. Sumitra says they don’t know much. Adarsh says let her be if she doesn’t want to eat, he gives medicine to Pratigya. Sumitra thinks what if she becomes fine with his medicines?

Meera sees Garv sitting on a tree. She sits beside him and says this looks pretty. Garv says father will remain like this now? Meera says he is miffed with your mom. Garv says this is all happening because of mom, she is bad, she told papa that she doesn’t care about us, she doesn’t love us. Meera says I wouldn’t know how mother and father look like, I am an orphan. Garv says you don’t miss your parents? Meera says I want to learn how to play video games, will you teach me? He says sure.

Meera is in Krishna’s room. He wakes up. Meera gives him lemonade but he takes a wine bottle and starts drinking. He says I am in pain and this will make me forget it, do you have any idea what it feels like to lose my love? Meera snatches the bottle from him and says enough, you have to think about your kids, I can’t let you destroy your life that. Krishna that woman was worried about that Adarsh, I took her side for 10 years but she was ready to die for that Adarsh. I am an animal for her now? He drinks more. Meera says stop it. Krishna glares at her and says how can she do this with me? I can’t believe how this happened. Meera says you loved her so much, you never made her jealous, you kept her above everyone so she didn’t care for your heart, you don’t want to move on but she has, she will never return so you should move on too, you won’t get another chance. Krishna says you are right, I never showed her any pain, she doesn’t know what this pain feels like but she should feel it now. He grabs Meera’s hand and takes her from there.

Pratigya and Adarsh are having dinner, Pratigya tells him that Krishna likes when I cook food, he is an angry man but he loves unconditionally. Adarsh says you look so happy when you talk about him, you must be in so much pain. Pratigya says I can do anything for Krishna, he has to move on. Sumitra calls Pratigya and says I have reached home, don’t worry about anything. Pratigya says can you make me talk to Garv? Sumitra says just take care, did you eat laddos? Pratigya says I will eat soon, she ends the call. Adarsh looks on. Pratigya is about to eat the laddo but Krishna comes there and shouts Pratigya to come out.