Pratigya 2 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pratigya is running behind Kriti and asks her to talk to her but Kriti walks away. Krishna enters the house and is totally drunk. Pratigya tries to handle him but all family members come there. Komal asks if he has gone mad to drink? Pratigya asks Komal to go and take care of Kriti. Krishna says Garv… Komal says he is just worried about Garv. Thakkur Sajan says he has come drunk to the house after 9 years so there must be some issue.

Pratigya brings Krishna to the room. He cries and says Radhe didn’t do anything, I know how he died. Pratigya says I don’t know why anyone would kill Radhe. Krishna says what happened with Radhe was because of me. Pratigya says you both were on the wrong path but you both changed. It’s not your fault, just relax.

Shakti calls Samar and asks him what he wanted to tell? He says I will tell you on one condition only that you will stop my school. Shakti says I don’t follow any conditions.

Komal comes to Krishna, she asks Pratigya to bring water for him. She asks Krishna to stop blabbering, you were about to put Garv ib danger.

Shakti asks Samar who killed Balwant’s son? His son says the person is from this house only, you have to stop Pratigya from going to the school and then I will tell you?

Bhola scolds his wife and says I don’t care if you die but you will take care of my kid.
Pratigya comes to her kids. She asks Garv to share anything which is hurting him. Kriti says lies are bad. Pratigya says dadu loves you a lot. Kriti says but he has a gun. Pratigya says he took out the gun for Shakti but he dropped it when he found out Shakti was wrong. Garv says but Shakti was not wrong. Pratigya says how do you know? Garv recalls Krishna telling him to not tell anyone, he says I mean I don’t know. Pratigya says if Shakti is wrong then dadu will give him to the police, he follows justice. Kriti says so dadu is not a goon? Pratigya says no, he is a gentleman. She says I will I will sing for you both tonight. Kriti says you are a bad singer and laughs.

Balwant tells his goons to shoot at him. They do so Balwant hits their bullets with coconuts. Bhola comes there and asks him to calm down. Balwant says yesterday a person put a gun on me and I couldn’t do anything. Bhola says I have found some things about his family.

A servant comes to thakkur and says my husband Gora has come to the city, can you keep him as a servant as well? Sajjan says they are in love so keep him there, he gives him the job.

Bhola tells Balwant that Sajjan was the biggest goon of this city but he dropped the gun when his younger daughter in law changed him, his wife Sumitra used to fire rifles with one hand, his elder son is Shakti who is trying to snatch the seat from Sajjan, he has two sons Samar and Greece, his wife is Keser. He says Pratigya madam has two kids Kriti and Garv, and last is Krishna Singh who is Pratigya’s husband. Balwant says so he is madam’s husband? I have met them separately, this whole family is trying to help us but why? This family has some connection with my Chandar’s death.