Pratigya 2 31st July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shakti tells Krishna that you must be very happy, there is no one between you and Pratigya now. Krishna says how can you spit so much poison? Shakti says don’t tell me you are worried about losing this baby. You must be worried that nothing came out of your relationship with Meera. Kesar asks him to stop it, look at the place and talk. Meera wakes up so Pratigya asks how are you? Meera asks what happened? Why do you all look sad? What did the doctor say? I am worried about my baby. Sumitra shouts that you can’t even protect your baby, you lost your baby.

Komal shouts at Adarsh that you tried to fool me, I would cut you up. Adarsh says you want to kill me? Do it, I am a stone now. You can do anything but you will never gain my love. He leaves from there. Komal cries and throws things around.

Sumitra tells Meerat that there is no baby in your belly now. Meera says that can’t be true. Sumitra says I was so happy about this baby but you can’t do anything right, I did a mistake by choosing you as Krishna’s wife. I shouldn’t have put faith in you. Pratigya asks her to stop it, you can’t put her under more stress. Meera cries and says this baby was my strength, what will I do without it. Pratigya says you have to calm yourself down, you have to be strong. She hugs her as Meera cries.

Adarsh is in the lounge. Komal comes there and points a gun at him. She says just accept that you love me. Tell me you were lying when you said you wanted to take revenge. Adarsh says you just want a slave and not a lover, you want to buy love with fear but nothing can scare me now. He asks her to shoot him. Komal shoots.

Krishna asks Pratigya why do I feel weird? I should feel good that baby is not alive anymore. Pratigya says you have humanity in you, we are not bad people. We can’t be happy about other’s sadness, it was your baby. She says let’s get Meera discharged and take her home. Sumitra comes there and says why would we take her back home? She doesn’t have a baby anymore so let’s leave her here. Pratigya says she needs our care right now, where would she go? Krishna says I will get the paperwork done.

Shakti glares at Kesar and says I just left for some days and you are trying to fly? You are answering me back these days? I can beat you anytime I want.

Pratigya comes to Meera’s room but she is gone. She calls Krishna there and they look around for her. Pratigya asks people around and says where would she go? Sumitra looks at them and says I am confused, it feels like it’s their baby that died.

Meera is standing on the roof and wants to jump. All people gather on the ground and ask her to stop. Krishna and Pratigya see her on the roof and run inside. Sumitra doesn’t care and leaves.

Komal doesn’t shoot Adarsh. He says what happened? You couldn’t kill me, right? The truth is that my hatred for you is given by you only. You just like to play with people’s hearts. You have never loved truly, have you loved someone more than yourself? Have you loved someone so you could sacrifice everything for them? You just know how to treat people like toys and win them. You don’t understand love.

Pratigya runs on the roof and pulls Meera back. Meera cries and says I don’t want to live anymore. Pratigya says you can’t lose hope like this, everything will become fine. Meera says I lost everything. I have no right to live anymore. I just loved Krishna and this is what I got.. I should kill myself. Pratigya says this is wrong. Meera says what happened with me is wrong. I never wanted you and Krishna to separate. When I got to know about his accident, I gave my everything to him, I got my happiness with him but you returned. I felt I would lose my happiness, I became selfish and did some mistakes.. but this is how I pay? I lost my baby. Pratigya hugs her and says we have lost people in our lives but that doesn’t mean you lose hope, everything will be fine. You are not alone, I am with you and will always be with you. Meera hugs her and cries.

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