Pratigya 2 5th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Krishna is angry in his room. Pratigya comes there and says is this a way to talk to a girl? You said so many bad things to her. Krishna says what was she doing in her our room? why did you give your saree to her? Pratigya says she liked it so I gave it to her. You touched her so why are you blaming her? You should be saying sorry to her. Krishna says if someone is wearing my wife’s saree in my room then how would I know? Pratigya says it was your mistake so say sorry to her. Krishna says I am your husband and you are blaming me? You don’t care if I touched her? Pratigya says it’s fine, you just touched her, you didn’t force yourself on her.

Meera is sadly sitting in her room. Shakti comes there and says Krishna is a foolish man, I apologize on his behalf, it was not your mistake at all. He says I have brought chocolate for you.

Krishna tells Pratigya that if someone touched you like that then I would go crazy but you don’t care? Pratigya says yes I don’t.

Meera accepts the chocolate from Shakti. He sits beside her and tries to touch her but she slaps him and says if you do this again then I will scream and tell everyone. Shakti glares at her and says you don’t know who I am.

Pratigya is in the garden and thinks how can I not care if someone touches Krishna? I can’t show my feelings to Krishna now as he has to go away from me. I don’t have much time. She feels dizzy and goes to vomit in the washroom. Pratigya finds marks on her body and calls the doctor. She asks about it. The doctor says these are normal in this cancer stage, just be happy in the time you have. Pratigya gets sad and says okay.

The doctor calls Sumitra and says Pratigya called me. She was about the poison reaction marks but I told her it was because of her cancer. Sumitra says good going, just do your work and you will keep getting a reward. She ends the call and says soon Pratigya will be gone and I will have a new daughter-in-law in the house.

Pratigya lies on the bed and ignores Krishna. He thinks she is sleeping without even patching up with me? Leave it, I will pacify her. He hugs her from behind. Pratigya says I am sleepy. Krishna says the whole night is with us, don’t be angry with me. You want me to say sorry to Meera? I will do it. Pratigya says I don’t like romancing all the time, don’t be so chummy with me. Krishna says why are you talking to me like this? You are talking as if I am hugging you all day. Pratigya says I don’t want to hug you but it doesn’t matter if I am saying anything? Krishna says what do you want? Pratigya says I want space from you. Krishna is hurt and says fine, you don’t want to be near me which is fine. He leaves from there. Pratigya cries and thinks he has to stay away from me as then he will see my marks, I have to do this to keep him away.

Krishna comes to the garden and sleeps on the couch.
In the morning, Meera comes to the garden and sees Krishna sleeping there. She says maybe Pratigya and him argued.

Pratigya wakes up and says Krishna slept outside? She comes to the balcony and sees Meera holding her dupatta in front of Krishna so he wouldn’t feel the sun. Pratigya thinks Meera is a nice girl, she takes care of Krishna a lot. She leaves from there. Meera looks at sleeping Krishna and says I love you a lot but I know you are happy with Pratigya. I am not asking you to love me but you can’t make me stop loving you, you are my God. Like you pray to Pratigya, I pray to you. I am sorry for hurting you. Krishna wakes up and moves away from her. He leaves from there. Meera says why do I mess up things?

Adarsh wakes up so Komal brings tea for him. He says you didn’t have to do it. Komal says I think women should handle household work while men do outside work. I am not like Pratigya to do outside work, she always blabbers about right or wrong. Pratigya had thrown Krishna out of the room last night. Adarsh says how do you know it was Pratigya’s fault? She is a sensible woman. And anyone can do any work if they want. Komal says why are you taking her side? Adarsh says I like her conviction, she does what is right for everyone.

Krishna comes to his room and finds medicines in the drawer. He says what is all this? Pratigya comes there. Krishna says what is all this? What happened to you? Pratigya says I had a headache. Krishna says you are hiding something from me? I will call the doctor. Pratigya shouts at him that you can’t trust me? You have to spy on me, I just said I had a headache. Krishna says I am sorry, I just want you to be fine. Pratigya takes out her luggage and packs her bags. Krishna says what happened? I just said sorry. Pratigya says I can’t stay in this room with you, it suffocates me. Krishna is shocked.