Pratigya 2 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Krishna asks Balwant how is he? Balwant says fine, you said to call you if I need help, I want to know about Sajjan and his family. My lawyer is from Sajjan’s family so I want information from you. Krishna thinks it’s good that he doesn’t know who I am. Balwant thinks if he lies to me then I will know he is hiding something. Krishna says I know about that family very well because I am from that family. Sajjan Singh is my father and your lawyer is my wife. Balwant says wow, you have impressed me with your honesty. Krishna says I don’t know where the killer is hiding. Balwant says I will drip every blood drop from him. Krishna says the killer should be punished, you will get justice as my wife is fighting for you. Call me if you need any information. Krishna leaves from there. Balwant thinks it’s not Krishna as then he would lie, someone else from his family killed my son.

Balwant comes home, Pratigya is there and asks if he killed Radhe? He came to surrender in your case so you might have killed him off. The truth will come out so tell me who killed Radhe. Balwant throws things around in anger and says you think I would kill Radhe when my son was killed? Do you know your brother-in-law Shakti? All proofs are hinting at him so you will have to fight against your family now. Get ready. He leaves from there.

Shakti sits with the kids of the house. Shakti says when kids do mistakes then the police will take them away. If Garv did a mistake then he would be put in jail, he won’t get sleep there, there are animals in jail. Gar gets scared hearing all that. Komal comes there and asks Shakti to stop it, Garv is scared. Shakti says I was telling the truth. Pratigya comes there and says Garv can’t do anything wrong as he is my son. She asks Shakti to tell the truth if he did something. She takes Garv from there. Shakti thinks no one can save Garv now.

In the morning, Pratigya and other women are cooking in the kitchen. Sumitra comes there and says I can’t believe Pratigya is in the kitchen. Sajjan brings items from the store.

Pratigya’s assistant calls her and asks her to come to the office, it’s urgent. Pratigya tells Sajjan that I will come back soon. Sumitra says today is Sajjan’s mother’s death anniversary but your law doesn’t stop for anything. Sajjan says let her go, we all are here to handle everything.

Pratigya comes to meet Balwant and says sorry for coming unannounced. Balwant tells her that I will not pour my son’s ashes in the river till I kill the murderer of my son.

Shakti brings Garv’s photo and puts it for mourning. All are shocked.

Pratigya gives a list to Balwant and says I have collected names of all your enemies, check and let me know who you doubt?

Krishna sees Garv’s photo for mourning and starts beating Shakti. Shakti says he did a crime so he will have to repent. Krishna beats him and says how dare you to say all that for my son. Sajjan asks them to calm down. Shakti says I want to see his guts.

Balwant takes the enemy list from Pratigya and writes Shakti’s name in it. He says this is my new enemy so this is your work now, you take the information from your family. I am sure that someone from your family is involved in this case, Sajjan had put a gun on me and you were a witness. Pratigya says nothing will come between me and my justice, don’t worry, she leaves from there.

Krishna beats Shakti and says your sons are following the wrong path too. Sajjan pulls them apart and asks Shakti why did he do it? Shakti says the justice queen’s son Garv is the killer of Balwant’s son. All are shocked to hear that.