Pratigya 2 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shakti tells everyone that Garv killed Balwant’s son. All are shocked. Shakti asks Sajjan if he will shoot Garv or give him to Balwant now? Why are you not talking about justice? You want justice against me only? Sajjan looks at Garv and Krishna. Sajjan goes to Garv and says don’t be scared, did you have anything with this case? Tell me. Krishna says he didn’t do anything. Sajjan shouts at him to move away. Garv pees himself being scared. Krishna says don’t give him tension, he can’t do anything deliberately. It was an accident, it’s not a big deal. Shakti claps and says the truth is out and all are silent? Krishna knew the truth but kept lying. You tried everything to prove me guilty, what a brother I have. He asks Sajjan if he will shoot Garv now? Komal says Shakti is just provoking Sajjan, Garv got stuck in the car and that car hit the guy. Krishna asks Sajjan to make him silent. I know you want to follow Pratigya and her path of justice, I will fight for my son and I am telling you all that no one will say anything to Pratigya otherwise I will end everything. Shakti asks him to get lost. Krishna says I will end you today. He asks Sajjan to say something, he breaks things around and says you all remain silent. He tells the family that Pratigya will not understand that it was an accident, she will take Garv to the police. Shakti’s wife tells him to tell everything to Pratigya, she will save Garv. Krishna says Balwant won’t spare him, let me do what I am doing. I am stuck with Pratigya and Balwant. If Balwant gets to know then he will shed blood in this house. Sajjan throws water at Krishna and asks him to be silent now. Krishna says no one will tell anything to Pratigya. Kriti comes there and says how can you hide it from mama? This is wrong. I will tell everything to mama, I won’t lie to her and she will make everything fine.

Murari gives Radhe’s call details and locations to Pratigya. He says Radhe went to Ganga ghat last time. Pratigya says I have to find out who met him there.

Krishna asks Kriti to not do it. Garv sits in Kriti’s feet and says I can’t go to jail, please don’t tell anything to mama, she will take me to the police. Sajjan goes to Garv and says you are a lion, I am alive so nothing can happen to you. He tells everyone that no one will tell anything to Pratigya, if she gets to know then I won’t spare the person. We have to protect our family. Komal sees Pratigya coming there. All get tensed.

Dhara comes to Balwant and says everything is related to Sajjan’s family. Radhe was the special man of Sajjan’s family. Balwant says it means someone wanted to sacrifice him from Sajjan’s family. Sajjan is doing all this to fool us, find out who Radhe met before surrendering.

Pratigya asks the family why they all look tensed? All start doing their own work. Pratigya tells Sajjan sorry for not being on the death anniversary of his mother. Sajjan says it’s fine. Pratigya says I have brought sweets for everyone. Pratigya sees Garv’s photo lying there and asks how did it reach here? Krishna gets tensed. He says I don’t know. Sajjan says I was taking it to put in my room but it slipped and broke. Krishna thinks Pratigya can’t know the truth.