Pratigya 2 7th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

The goon pushes Pratigya out of the room. Krishna comes there and tells the goons that you should go from here otherwise I won’t spare you. The goons leave. Krishna asks the girl to go and she will be dropped. She thanks him and leaves. Pratigya thanks Krishna, he nods and leaves. Pratigya smiles.

Adarsh in the room. Komal comes there with milk. He takes off her veil and hugs her. Adarsh says I waited for this marriage night for years.

Krishna and Pratigya are in the car. Pratigya says why did you come? You told me to leave it. Krishna says I don’t want to answer you. You have a lot of guts. Pratigya says are you praising me? You should say that I am a lioness. Krishna says a lioness? Pratigya recalls how he used to call her that with love. Krishna says you want my praises? Just go home. Pratigya thanks him and gets out of his car. She thinks Krishna is trying to recall our memories.

Meera is waiting for Krishna. Sumitra says don’t worry. Krishna comes home and asks what happened? Sumitra says we were waiting for you. Krishna says the secretary called me because of some problem. He tells her about the issues and says I am going to rest. Sumitra says that the girl is fearless, why don’t call her here for lunch? She saved our hotel’s respect so I want to thank her. Krishna says okay, I will call her. He leaves from there. Sumitra asks Meera why don’t you question him if you doubt him so much? Meera says I know his heart is clean but I don’t trust that girl. Sumitra says let that secretary come tomorrow and I will find out everything.

In the morning, Krishna calls Pratigya and asks about the work. He says I am going to the site and then we will have lunch together. Pratigya gets excited and says we are going out? He says no, you are going to have lunch at my house, my family wants to meet you. Pratigya gets tensed and says I can’t come today as I already had lunch. I was hungry so I had a heavy breakfast. I won’t like your family to worry about my lunch. Krishna says my family is calling you and you are going to show attitude? I am your boss so I am giving you an order that you are going to have lunch with me, if you don’t come today then don’t come to office from tomorrow. He ends the call. Pratigya says I wish he knew what his family did with me, if I go there then there will be a storm.

Scene 2
Meera prepares for lunch, Sumitra asks what happened? Meera says I am not sure if she will come. Sumitra says Krishna is her boss so she will definitely come.

Pratigya is going to Krishna’s house and is tensed. Meera comes out of the house so Kesar pulls Pratigya away. Kesar asks what she is doing here? Pratigya says I am working at Krishna’s hotel, I can’t lose this opportunity, he will fire me if I don’t go for this lunch. Kesar says if you go in the house then this family will make you away from Krishna again, you won’t gain anything by being emotional so go from here. Pratigya leaves before anyone can see her.

Krishna comes to the dining table and asks what they have cooked? Sumitra thinks why Krishna is worrying about this secretary? Krishna says she is a guest that’s why I am asking. Sajjan says he is a man and has to worry about people. These women work hard so they like a little attention on them, if he shows her some love then this secretary will do everything he wants. Right, Adarsh? He nods. Kesar says everyone should remember their limits, right Adarsh? He thinks I only have attention on Komal. Kesar says Krishna was like this too for Pra.. she stops. Shakti comes there and asks where is your secretary? Is she your boss? Krishna calls Pratigya but she doesn’t take the call. Krishna says she is not picking up. Shakti says who is the boss? I don’t like this. Krishna calls her again but Pratigya ignores him. Sajjan says I don’t like this attitude, should we pray for that woman? Meera says we shouldn’t wait for some girl. She asks Krishna to eat but he gets angry and leaves.