Pratigya 2 8th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Adarsh tries to open the door. Pratigya calls out to Krishna but nobody can hear them. Pratigya says my phone is dead. Adarsh says I left my phone outside. Pratigya says all must have slept by now. She says let’s call them in the morning. Adarsh sleeps on the sofa, Pratigya sleeps on the bed.
In the morning, Garv is sad. Krishna says his mother is not allowing him to go to the picnic. Sumitra asks where is Pratigya? Krishna says I don’t know. Komal says I will go and check where Adarsh is. Meera says I went to his room and he was not there. Komal says where did he go? Shakti says he is not a baby. Sumitra says Pratigya and Adarsh are missing, they might have gone out together, they have become close friends. Krishna says I will go and look for them.

Komal and Krishna are looking for Pratigya and Adarsh. Sumitra thinks this will make my kids separate from these two. Sumitra comes to the room and opens the lock. She calls everyone there. Krishna opens the door to sees Pratigya inside. Adarsh comes out too. All look on. Sumitra says what am I seeing? Shakti says wow, this is a big sin. She wanted space so she could be close to her new lover? Pratigya asks him to be ashamed of saying all that. I came to talk to Adarsh but the door got locked and I didn’t have my phone. Komal says so you both were in the room whole night? Sumitra says but the door was open. Shakti says they were doing illegal things. They have destroyed our respect. Pratigya tells Krishna that nothing like that happened. Adarsh says she is telling the truth, the door got locked. Komal tells Pratigya that if you wanted another man then you should leave my brother, you treat him badly anyway. Pratigya says I am not lying, Komal says she was trying to lure Adarsh. She is about to slap Pratigya but Krishna holds her hand. Pratigya looks at him. Komal says Krishna you are blind, she is cheating you. Krishna says I trust her more than myself, she can spend 10 nights with someone else in a room but she will never do something wrong, she will tell me everything, I trust her and will trust her till the end. No one will say a word against Pratigya now. He leaves from there. Pratigya looks at him with teary eyes, Bolna plays. All leave from there. Pratigya leaves from there. Sumitra is miffed that plan failed, I do so much but their relationship doesn’t break.

Komal tells Adarsh that I know Pratigya can trap men and make them blind, she has trapped you also, she must do black magic and she has done it on you as well. Adarsh says what are you saying? Komal says I will teach her lesson. Adarsh shouts that how can you say all this about Pratigya? She is a pure woman, you don’t know anything so control your tongue. Komal leaves from there and says I am sure Pratigya has trapped him.Pratigya lovingly looks at her and Krishna’s photo. She says how can he love me this much? He was with me when all were against me, trusted me without any doubt, you have protected my honor and faith in you. I can’t understand how a man can love me so much.

Krishna is angry in his room and says how dare my family doubt Pratigya? They doubted her character, she gave her baby to Komal and she wanted to slap her? Pratigya must be so hurt, I should go to her, I can’t leave her alone.

Meera brings food for Pratigya. She tells her that nobody can love as Krishna loves you, he fought for you against everyone. I have seen that love is blind. I just want to say that you should go back to his room, he is very sad after you left. You know you are his happiness so please go back to him, she leaves. Pratigya cries and thinks I did a mistake, I should be with him, he has always given me space. Pratigya starts leaving but Sumitra comes there and asks where are you going? Pratigya says I can’t be away from Krishna now. Sumitra says you did all this to protect him, you can’t lose like this. I know you locked yourself with Adarsh to make Krishna away from you. Pratigya says I didn’t do it deliberately but you saw that Krishna protected me like an angel, I can’t be away from him now. Sumitra says don’t be so emotional, you wanted to protect your family before dying so do what you planned to. Pratigya says I can’t break Krishna. Sumitra says you have to make Krishna away from you, do you know what will happen to Krishna when you are gone? You have to do this for him and your kids.

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