Radha Mohan 30th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Damini is pulling the carpet down the stairs, she is looking t see if anyone is watching when she with all her might is pulling it, Damini is stunned seeing Mohan coming towards her while looking for Radha while Gungun is also searching for Radha, she is tensed about what might happen if they both spot Radha, she quickly tries to hide the hand meanwhile Gungun walks away from her so she once again starts pulling the carpet. Mohan gets worried wondering where could she have gone, Damini has hid the carpet behind the sofa. He exclaims Radha came to Damini’s room, she replies that Radha left after giving her the food so what happened, Mohan informs they cannot find her, they suggest she might be on the terrace while she might also be in the kitchen making laddo for her Bihari jee.

Damini kneels when Kadambari calls her, she coming to her explains she is glad that Damini forgave Radha and so did not keep any ill thoughts in her heart, Mohan comes when Kadambari questions if he has forgiven Damini, she replies that even Radha has now forgiven Damini so what is he waiting for he replies that he had already forgiven her when Radha forgave her, Kadambari exclaims that he must do it properly as they are about to get married, Mohan exclaims they have patched up but Damini stops him asking if he is in school, she forces him to hug Damini and end the differences properly.

Mohan exclaims he has to leave so Kadambari asks what is he searching for, Gungun rushing down the stairs exclaims she cannot find her anywhere, Kadambari questions who are they searching for so Mohan reveals they cannot find Radha anywhere, Kadambari suggests him to try and call her, he exclaims he did not think about it, Mohan tries calling her when the phone rings, they all start searching for Radha which worries Damini as she doesnot know what might happen if Mohan sees her in the carpet, she stops Mohan offering to search it so she takes the mobile mentioning it might have gone under the sofa, Gungun informs Radha doesnot leave her mobile and her Grandfather calls at any time, she even scolds Radha if she doesnot answer the calls.

Mohan hearing the door bell goes to open the door thinking it might be Radha, he is stunned when the people enter informing they came to collect the carpet, Mohan instructs Dulari to hand them the carpet when she is shocked questioning what are they talking about, Mohan turns asking who called them when they inform it was Radha mam, Mohan inquires about the time so they reply they got the call at around one, Mohan questions if anyone of them saw her after that time, Kadambari replies she was in her room since morning and even Dulari replies she had been trying to search for her since morning. Mohan questions then where is the carpet, Damini exclaims that the carpet is here so Mohan says they can pick it up, the people pick the carpet and are about to leave when Tulsi sees Radha’s hand from the carpet so she tries her best to stop Radha and even manages to pull some of her bangles but is stopped because of the protection.

Dulari comes revealing she did not find Radha anywhere in the house, Gungun questions where did she go as she always stays in the house, Mohan replies she might have gone to one of her friend’s house, Gungun replies she has only two friends and one of them is her Bihari jee, Mohan assures they would find her but Gungun leaves.

Kaveri questions Damini what has she done to Radha, she just went to sleep for a few hours so Damini asks her to come as she will show her, she informs that Radha is in one of the carpets that are placed in the tempo. Kaveri questions why does she do these sorts of dramas since she can handle everything but not such things, Damini replies she just wanted to punish Radha for writing the name of Mohan on her hand, she did not think about it.
Tulsi standing at the door is yelling at them to look in the tempo since she is the tempo. Mohan while walking sees the bangles on the floor so he recalls that the last time when she got kidnapped Radha showed him the way by leaving the bangles, he wonders if she might actually be in some sort of trouble.

Mohan calls Ajit to come, Damini and Kaveri both get tensed, he instructs Ajit to go and ask from the near by shops if they have seen Radha going anywhere, he even calls Shekar asking him to consult with the police so they can start a search for Radha. Kadambari informs him that Radha would be fine but Mohan replies the last time when she was in trouble, she left the bangles for her as a clue just like this time as he found them at the entrance of their house.

Kadambari starts panicking and requests Mohan to find her at any cost since she is the daughter of his father’s friend and is their responsibility so nothing wrong should happen to her, Mohan assures he would find her and leaves. Damini asks Kaveri if she saw how Mohan is searching for that girl and it would have been if she died, Kaveri replies she ahs created a problem, for herself because sometimes when they try to kill the snake then it comes to bite them, Damini replies that she told her she was not thinking about it. Rahul and Ketki exclaim they know this is the drama of today, he knows their family is not short of such dramas but he feels that both Damini and Kaveri have done something to Radha.

Gungun is sitting with Mr Tivari, she explains he brings toys for her on the first of every month, he can take all he toys away and she doesnot even need any new ones, but he must make sure Radha comes back, Mr Tivari hugs Gungun assuring they would be able to find Radha.

Mohan comes running to Kadambari requesting her to not be worried since he would find Radha, he suggests how they should look for her outside the house, Kadambari asks if they should inform her father, Mohan agrees mentioning this is nothing small and she is his daughter, he turns back questioning where is Gungun.

Gungun is in the Mandir, she exclaims she is the friend of Radha and she says that Bihari jee grants all the wishes so she requests him to send Radha back to them, she sees the Diya and recalls how Radha asked her to light it and prays, she is trying to light a match when Mohan grabs her hand from behind, she turns to see him standing behind her while she is crying. The entire family also comes to stand behind them as Mohan lights a match with her so they can light the Diya, everyone is shocked seeing how they are in the Mandir.

Precap: Gungun sees a hand coming out of carpet and the carpet is on fire, she says to Mohan carpet is on fire and Radha is inside the carpet, she brings them out and shows them.

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