RadhaKrishn 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update

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Krishna tells Balram that Bilvaphal will provoke Radha’s conscience and Ayan will be punished for his sins. Ayan takes fruit to Radha reminiscing Kans telling once Radha consumes Bilvaphal, she will be totally under Ayan’s control. He calls Radha and tells it is time to perform guru pooja and then consuming this bilvaphal. Radha says she will submit this bilvaphal to Rishi Durvasa and then will consume it. Ayan asks why she drags Rishi Durvasa and others between them and she is insulting her husband as she still loves Krishna. Radha warns that he is wrongly alleging her and walks away while Ayan continues shouting to eat Bilvaphal.

Radha walks to mountain and cries sitting under a tree. Krishna says Ayan will pay for his sins now. Disciples sit in front of Rishi Durvasa to see

him completing his meditation. Rishi Durvasa breaks his meditation hearing Radha’s sob and walks to her angrily. He realizes she is Devi Radha and calms down. Krishna via telepathy asks him not to greet Radha as they are in human form. Rishi Durvasa reminds Krishna that he had told if his meditation is broken, he will curse. Krishna says even now he is telling same, Rishi Durvasa can go ahead with his curse. Rishi Durvasa says Radha broke his meditation, so she will be punished. Ayan says Krishna is the reason behind this as he was to protect Rishi Durvasa’s meditation, but he walked down repeatedly and failed in his task. Rishi Durvasa asks Krishna if he has to say something. Krishna says he just told whoever taught him love are his guru, his parents, his siblings, his friends and since only Radha was present, he considered her guru. Ayan says Radha did not want to consider him as student and he himself forcefully became Radha’s student. Krishna says a student a select his guru, now Rishi Durvasa should give judgment regarding this. Rishi Durvasa via telepathy asks Krishna if he is pointing towards future stories of Ekalavya and Karn and says though guru does not accept student, a student can accept his guru always.

He pronounces Krishna as innocent and says he wants to speak to Radha alone and asks everyone to go except Radha’s husband Ayan. Jatila asks him to let her son go. Ugrapath takes her away forcefully. Rishi Durvasa asks Radha what is she holding. She says her guru Ayan’s given bilvaphal which she has to consume. He asks Ayan to speak truth at least now. Ayan says he gave her black magical fruit as he wanted to possess her. Radha says she will consume it anyways and consumes it. Rishi Durvasa says he knew nothing will happen to Radha and was testing her patni dharma. He then says he broke his meditation because of sinner Ayan and curses Ayan that if he thinks to posses Radha, he will burn alive.

Precap: Balram asks Radha to meet Krishna right now as he does not want to return to Barsana.