Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 28th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Kinkshuk says accident secret is that it was dark. A car was coming from far. It was dark. Irfan says then what? Kinkshuk says accident happened to Padma. He was crossing the road. When a car came from front. Crossing, car.. He keeps repeating and falls asleep.

Ram says to Dulari I couldn’t find out. She says you solve everything. When my head hurts, you heal me with your love. He says we are made for each other. In any situation, it feels good with you. Dulari says every moment spent with you is so beautiful. Dulari rests her head on his chest. The song agar tum saath ho plays. They both fall asleep.

Scene 2
Koyal says Dulari will find it out from Kinkshuk. Menaka says you keep an eye on her I am going to solon. Koyal says I am the bride. She says I have double relations. Koyal says go get so dressed that people ask you where is that fake make up from. Kinkshuk comes. Dulari says I really wanted pre wedding photoshoot. I want to get it done this time. I want to enjoy every bit of this wedding. Koyal says photoshoot will be done at the wedding as well. Dulari says Kinkshuk is going to the salon so he can get fake hair and look like a hero in the photoshoot.

Kinkshuk is leaving. Koyal says to Kinshuk she is trying to get truth out of you. We are getting you married. You won’t go anywhere. Kinshuk says I will go. He leaves. Dulari leaves as well. Koyal says Dulari will get to know everything in the photoshoot. Menaka says let her play her game. We will play ours. She thinks she will find out everything in photoshoot. We won’t let this photoshoot happen. Koyal says we will see whose plan will work.

Scene 3
Ram says you look so pretty and the food smells so good. She says you will praise me anyway.

Patang comes in as photographer. Sushila says who are you? He says you look like bride? Babu ji reads her a poem. Dulari says you’re romantic like papa. Kiknshuk comes in and says see Dulari what happened to my face. His face is blackened. Menaka says did you drink poison? He says no. Koyal says what is this? He says the artist put chemical on my face to stick hair and this happened. Patang says you will look uniue in photoshoot. Koyal says get photoshoot done on the wedding day. Dulari says we will be busy with rituals. I like him how he’s. I will get photoshoot done in this condition. Koyal says this can’t happen. My brother can’t look bad. Patang says I will edit the photos. Kinkshuk says I will do the photoshoot. Ram says why are if he wants it why are you stopping him? Kinkshuk says it’s fear that I will tell Dulari about the secret of the accident. Everyone is shocked. Menaka sprays in front of babu ji. Tao ji comes. He says what is happening here? What have you become? You look like an idiot. Dulari says it’s okay, his heart is clean. It should be okay. I have accepted Kinkshuk as he is. Kinkshuk says you’re right. Ram says yes. Tao ji says let’s start it. Patang says no one else will come. Just bride and groom or I will charge 10k more. Tao ji says no one else will go.