Rishton Ka Manjha 26th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Niharika sees the jewelry in Depika’s bag. It’s in her hand. Tina comes there. Niharika says you scared me. The jewelry is here. She never saw it. Tina says Diya isn’t an idiot. She puts it in the bag. Tina stops her. She says don’t it in this bag. She tells her the plan. Niharika says no one can save Diya this time. where could she be?

Karan asks his men to do everything as per the plan. Arjun comes there. Karan says get out of my house. I will call the police. Arjun says you won’t have to. I brought the police.

Tina and Niharika come to Madhuri. Niharika says mummy ji.. Can I wear your polki diamond set in pooja? Madhuri says of course you can. Let me give it to you. She opens the box but it’s not in the box. Madhuri says where did the necklace go? Amitabh says it must be in the locker. Check it. Madhuri checks different boxes are empty. Amitabh says how careless are you? Tina says no one ever opens your locker. Niharika says ask Depika. Madhuri says yes Depikta took Diya to my room.

Scene 2
Arjun says to Karan where is Diya? I know you’re behind this. He says officer please search. I am sure he kidnapped her. Karan says why would I? KAran says for the raid. Karan shows the newspaper and says there’s no raid.

Amitabh says you gave Diya your jewelry? She says yes I wanted ehr to wear it. Amitabh calls depika. She says you brought Diya here? She says yes. Amitabh says how much jewelry did she take? Depika says I don’t know. I went to take prasad. He says she got the chance she wanted. She stole it. She is a middle class. Madhuri says what are you saying? Diya can’t do that. He says check rest of the jewelry. Niharika says everything is there but these two.

Arjun says so your dad saved you again? Karan says this man is trying to defame me. He must have asked his wife to hide. He’s drug addict and mentally unstable. Arjun says what the hell. Arjun says he got Diya attacked before too. I got a raid done here. Please check his house. Karan says if he stays here one more minute you will lose your job. Officer says you’ve no proof Arjun and we can’t search before any proof. Arjun leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Ambitabh says this was a middle class girl’s drama. See what she did. Depika says Diya can never do that. Niharika says maybe. He says go and call Diya. Depika says Diya isn’t home. Her phone is off. Tina says again? I hope she’s okay. Amitabh says shes’the one who does wrong. She stole and ran away with the jewelry. Your mom gave her that chance.

Karan says inspector check his house. He got Diya kidnapped. The officer says I will do everything to find Diya. I will inform you if I get any info. Amitabh says it’s such a shameful things. What if our guests find out our DIL stole in the house and ran away. Kush says we can’t accuse her. Amitabh says what other proofs do you want? Kush says she must be in trouble. Madhuri says she can never steal. Amitabh says I would get her arrested. Kush says there is not proof. Kusha asks Depika where is Niharika? Depika says Tina and Niharika left a while ago.

Scene 4
Niharika and Tina are on their way. Tina tells her the plan. Arjun is on his way looking for Diya. Tina and Niharika come to a shop. The keeper says Tina madam you here. Tina says there’s a special reason. She says I want to sell some jewelry. She gives him the jewelry. He says I can’t say no to you. Tina tells him the plan. Tina and Niharika leave.

Arjun says I am ashamed. Agarwals are accusing their DIL. How dare you think about Diya that way? Amitabh says I have the proof Diya is a thief. Your mom’s jewelry is missing and so it your DIL. Pandit ji calls them for pooja.