Rishton Ka Manjha 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Madhuri asks how is Arjun? Did he take milk? Depika says he’s resting. Niharika says Kush didn’t get me any new things. Madhuri says take anything from this. Madhuri says to Pihu I kept this havan for you and Arjun. Need to do a lot of preparation. Pihu sees her keeping the key. She says I’ve to steal this key and get some stuff from there.

Raghu kaka calls Arjun. He says I never imagined this would happen. Arjun says I don’t wanna talk about that. Kaka says Karan is back. He checked your file and some papers are missing. He thinks you stole those papers. Arjun recalls Diya went to the information room. Raghu says if you have the papers it can get your accusations removed. You might play again. Arjun says I don’t wanna play anymore. The one I was fighting for betrayed me. I don’t wanna go to that world again. Thank you for all that you did. Mr. Agarwal should’ve done that. Arjun wonders where had Diya kept the papers? She never mentioned them again.

Scene 2
Pihu wears the jewelry and says wow this looks so good on me. She wears the saree and says I need to steal that gold. My life would be fun then I would spend time on my career.

Karan calls Amitabh and says what? Papers are missing. Karan says yes. I am sure Arjun did that. He wants to prove himself right. Amitabh says he won’t have sit silently if he had the papers. Karan recalls Tina said he got to the doctor. Karan says try to stay alert. Amitabh says he did it for Diya. He won’t do anything now. Their marriage is at the brink of breaking.

Arjun comes to Diya’s room and sees her trying the saree. He says it suits you well. Not the jewelry, your greedy face. I don’t know how I missed it. Pihu says what are you doing? You should rest. Come. He says don’t touch me. Pihu says you shouldn’t have come here. He says how would I see your greed then? It’s on your face. Pihu says maa is arranging havan for us. She gave me all of this, I said no to her. He says maa already has peace and so do you. Anyway, where are those papers that you got from information room? Pihu says Tina didn’t tell me.

Amitabh says you got Arjun attacked again for the papers? I told you to discuss with me. Karan says why would I? Amitabh says don’t lie. We all know you would do that. He says go to the police. He must have more enemies. Arjun shouldn’t get the papers. If they’re exposed you and I both would be in trouble. Arjun says to Diya now you will take my truth away from me as well? Where are the papers? Tell me. Why are you silent? Arjun says did you burn them? Pihu says if I say no, and he kills me. What to do. Arjun says what are you thinking? Pihu says I burned those papers. Arjun is shocked. She says I burned every road that takes you to badminton. Arjun says wow, I am not surprised. this is your real character. Selfish. If you and maa think a havan can bring us close, that’s wrong. I don’t even want to see your face. I hate you. Pihu says Arjun.. He says you shoved me and now pretending to support? I don’t need it. He leaves.

Scene 3
Diya screams for help. She says anyone there? The goon outside says what? She says I want food. I am hungry. I didn’t eat. He says wait till morning. Diya says I can’t control hunger. My BP goes down. I feel sick. If I get sick your Tina would send you all to jail. Hes ays okay let me look around.

Pihu locks her room and calls Tina. She says you asked me to act without a script. Arjun is crazy. He was asking me for reports and papers from the camp. Tina says let me ask in the camp. Pihu says he will kill me. She says I need to go from here. She packs all the jewelry. Pihu says everyone must be asleep. She goes out.

Diya says I can’t give up. I’ve to be physically and mentally strong. I miss you Arjun. She recalls her moments with Arjun. Pihu is on the road. She says it’s so dark. I shouldn’t have come here. She sits in the car. She says to the man thank God you came on time. She takes out the jewelry and says this is the jewelry I spoke about. Make exactly the same but fake. I will pay you got. She says I will give you 15%. Do it fast. She gives him the jewelry. Pihu leaves. Pihu says even if I get caught Diya would be blamed.