Rishton Ka Manjha 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pihu says that gold is mine. The goon comes in and looks for Diya. He says where are you? He sees her sitting there. He says here is the sandwich, eat and sleep. Diya eats the sandwich. She recalls Arjun cooking for her. She says he would never let me eat this junk. No one found out she’s not me?

Depika says banu why are the window open? Banu says Diya must have left it open. Pihu climbs the window outside and says I hope no one shut it. She falls down. Kush and Pihu are outside. They hear the noise.
Diya eats the sandwich. Diya says please get me out of here God. Give anyone a sign, that girl isn’t me. Pihu tries to hide. The watchmen come towards her. She says how will I go inside? She hides. Niharika says what if it’s a robber? Kush says go inside. Pihu says I should go from the gate before they go. Kush and guards look around the house. Niharika says I am really scared, I can’t go alone. Please come with me. Kush hears noise. He checks. Pihu hides.

Scene 2
Diya says God please. Take me out of this mess. Please bring the truth in front of everyone. Pihu sneaks in the house. Kush asks where are you coming from? Diya? Where did you go at this house? She says I was walking outside, I couldn’t sleep. Arjun says how can you sleep after so many sins? Kush says where were you Arjun? Arjun says what are you thinking? Couting your sins. You can’t run away from your own self. It doesn’t let you sleep. Kush says go to sleep Arjun. Arjun says your truth is this. Arjun says tell me the truth. Kush says what truth? He says that she married this house not me. Arjun says to Niharika you were right about her. She’s greedy. She only wants Mr. Agarwal’s money. Kush says please go to your room and rest. We will talk later. Arjun says dadi used to tell us stories about thieves. The moral was thieves get caught eventually. He goes to his room. niharika says what is he saying? Kush says he’s drunk.

Scene 3
Madhuri asks where are you going love? He says office. She says it’s havan in the house. You can’t go anywhere. Niharika says where is Diya? She must be sleeping she came late last night. Madhuri says from here? Niharika says we heard someone jumping late at night. Then Diya was sneaking in the house. Kush says stop it Niharika. Pihu comes downstairs. Madhuri says Diya come. She says pandit ji this is Diya. Let’s start the pooja. Madhuri says Arjun? Kush says I don’t think he would come. Arjun comes and says why won’t I? THere’s pooja for Diya. I had to come. She is the DIL of this house. Some credit goes to me as well. I got backstabbed. I will get credit right? Madhuri says stop it. She did it all for you. Give her a chance. She loves you a lot. She left her dream for you. Arjun says you are too innocent and blind for her.

Arjun says wow Diya all dressed up for the havan? This necklace? Mom gave it to you? He pulls her necklace and says maa you gave her fake necklace? Madhuri says these are mine. He rubs it against his ring. The color comes off. Everyone is shocked. Madhuri says how is that possible. I gave them to Diya myself, they were real. Arjun says then ask your DIL how did they become fake in a night? Niharika checks it and says it’s fake. It’s losing its color. Madhuri says what is all this Diya? Are these the ones I gave you? Arjun says you are doubting your dear DIL? She planned everything to steal them. Arjun says you thought only you’re smart in this house? You will misuse our family problems like this? Arjun says I was following you. And then you met that man. I heard you talking to him. He says maa when you gave her that gold she decided to sell it. Right Diya? This was the plan?