Roop 11th October 2018 Written Update Written Episode

The Episode starts with neighbor trying to make Roop understand that whatever he did last right was wrong. Other neighbor asks him to take up Police job and fulfills Shamsher’s dream. Kamla comes and asks what about his dream. Kinjal asks who is nightingle of India. They say Lata Mangeshwar. Kinjal asks who is a great cricketer? Neighbor says Sachin Tendulkar. She says if they had listened to neighbors then they wouldn’t have become what they are today. Roop says I will make everyone proud one day and says why shall I think about Police job when I don’t want to become Inspector. Woman tells that Roop can’t become anything. Neighbor guy says he will make a good name. Kamla tells Roop that she has realized his mistake and knows that he will not do anything wrong. Roop smiles. They

come home and sees Jigna crying while talking on phone. Roop takes the call and hears Shailesh’s mum telling that he met with an accident 4 days back and since he regained consciousness, he is taking Jigna’s name. Roop asks Jigna if she wants to return. Jigna nods yes. Roop asks Shailesh’s mum not to disappoint Jigna this time.

Shamsher comes home and shouts calling Jigna. Kamla comes and asks what happened? Shamsher scolds her and calls Jigna. Jigna comes. Shamsher says Kala called and said that your husband is much well and you are here. Roop comes and says jiju is fine. Shamsher says I called on the hospital no and confirmed. Roop says she must have given you number and tells that Himani enquired and no accident was reported in last 5 days. He says it is their bad trick to call back Jigna.
Mota kaka calls Ranvir and says Rupesh agreed. Mota Kaki comes. Mota Kaka says his hotel is saved now and Ishika will leave now. Mota Kaki gets happy and dances. Shamsher says if they have lowered so much to call her then it is Jigna’s mistake. He says until when they will wait for Jigna. Roop says until they apologize to her and take her home lovingly, and until we get assured that she is safe in the house, she will stay here. Shamsher says everyone will repent and taunts them. Kamla says I want to see my Roop’s same roop always. Roop takes Jigna to her room.

Kanchal asks Ishika to see the guy’s pic. Ishika refuses. Kanchal says we shall check and sees the pic. They are surprised to see Ranvir. Ishika is wearing headphone and says he don’t want to talk about any guy. Just then she gets Ranvir’s call and he tells her that Mota kaka came to Police station with her alliance. Ishika is shocked. Kanchal and Rupesh smile. Kanchal shows Ranvir’s pic to Ishika. Ishika says Ranvir ji. Kanchal says Mota kaka brought good alliance for Ishu. She says I met him when he came to meet me, I like him. She says today the day has finally come when I will see mehendi in my daughter’s hand and will get her marriage done grandly. Rupesh says Ishika haven’t said yes still. Ishika says my answer is no. Kanchal asks why? Ishika says time is not right, I have to complete my studies and fulfill my dreams. Kanchal says I never thought that my daughter will never marry. Ishika asks her to understand her once. She says I didn’t tell that I will not marry, but for now I need to achieve my goals. Rupesh says this can happen after marriage also. Kanchal says Ranvir is a diamond and asks her to think.

Ranvir calls Ishika again and says I have decided, I don’t want to marry now. Ranvir gets tensed and thinks why she is not picking the call. He then smiles and thinks she must be feeling shy. He thinks his parents must have gone mad when she said yes to my alliance. Ishika feels sorry and thinks if I leave from here then this family will make your life miserable, until I control my cousins I will not go anywhere. Vinay comes and offers her sweet. She refuses and is about to go. Vinay congrats her and says you have an old affair with Ranvir. Rupesh says you are saying much. Ishika says you didn’t know that Mota Kaka brought this alliance. Mota Kaki says yes and says if they agree then I will get Purvi’s marriage date done. Ishika says I will not marry Ranvir. Mota Kaka recalls Ranvir’s words and his deal. He asks Rupesh what did she say? Kanchal says we like the guy and will convince Ishika.

Roop tells Himanshu and Himani that Papa doesn’t want to understand him. Himani says we came to know about this early. Himanshu asks about Ishika. Roop says if she will understand me or not. Ranvir takes sweets and tells everyone that they will get good news soon. Ishika comes to Police station and tells Ranvir that she needs to talk. She asks him not to think her wrong and asks him to refuse for marriage. She says my mota kaka and mummy will not agree, I can’t marry you. Ranvir gets upset and smashes the sweets.

Kanchal takes Ishika outside the house and shows the poster of Roop and her in the jungle with a message if you don’t becomes mine, then you can’t become of anyone else. Ishika is shocked.