Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Dr. Abhay visits his son Rohan’s room and doesn’t find his son on bed. Rohan hides under bed in fear. Abhay angrily orders him to come out. Rohan comes out shivering in fear. Abhay says he will not punish him today because. Rohan stammeringly asks why and remembers Abhay strangulating and killing his wife and asks if he got a new mamma. Abhay shows Gehna’s photo and says she is his new mamma Kajal, says Kajal is waiting for a baby and here her readymade son is waiting for her.

Gehna spreads holy smoke around her room after pooja and wakes up Anant. Anant smiles at her and gets romantic, but then gets angry remembering her yesterdays’ misbehavior. She apologizes him and offers to get his clothes from cupboard. He angrily denies her help and walks away. Baa walks in and emotionally blackmails her that her son who never used to get angry or have alcohol is getting angry and consuming alcohol because of her, she couldn’t give a child to her son and hence should get out of her life, etc. Gehna feels remorseful and consumes Abhay’s prescribed hormonal pills. She gets a call from Abhay’s clinic and confirms that she will visit tonight for an appointment.

Bapuji admonishes Rasika for provoking Baa against Gehna and warns her to stop trying to break his family. Kanak asks Hema to bring popcorn to enjoy this drama. Bapuji asks Rasik and Baa to stop troubling Gehna as he considers her as daughter first and then DIL. Rasika says Anant became alcoholic because of Gehna. Bapuji says its Anant’s mistake and not Gehna’s. Baa asks him not to scold Rasika or else she will leave their house. Bapuji says let her be. Rasika says she will then. Baa says she should not go from there. Pankaj notices Kanak and Hema enjoying drama with popcorn and scolds them. Gehna walks out. Baa asks where is she going. Gehna says she has some important work. Baa orders she will not go anywhere. Kanak yells next and orders her to get back to household chores.

Gehna gets an anger outburst due to hormonal pills and warns Kanak to dare not shout at her and instead do household chores with Hema instead of lazing around, she is not a servant anymore and is an younger DIL now, etc. Kanak stands shocked. Baa yells at Gehna that her misbehavior has increased and orders her to dare not go out. Gehna says she has some important work. Kanak shouts if she didn’t hear Baa’s order. Gehna warns her not to provoke her. Kanak tries to slap her. Gehna twists her hand and warns to dare not try to touch her again. Kanak laughs and asks if she will slap her. Gehna gives her a tight slap and leaves warning not to mess with her again. Kanak falls down. Family helps her sit. She acts as worried for her baby. Baa comforts her and asks Pankaj to call a doctor. Kanak gets worried and says she is fine but worried if Gehna harms her baby. Baa assures Gehna cannot. Kanak asks Hema to check where Gehna goes to know her intentions. Hema follows Gehna. Kanak determines to take revenge from Gehna.