Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna panics and wipes her hand repeatedly. Baa with Bapuji enters and asks what is she doing. Gehna says she has blood stains on her hands. Baa says there are no blood stains and asks her to control herself. Bapuji says seeing her condition, they have taken a decision. Baa says she wants them to move on in life and have a second marriage. Gehna panics more and says her life cannot change with second marriage as things can be repaired but not heart. Baa says it will repair even her heart. Gehna asks Bapuji that he pitied on her earlier and got her married to Anant, now he is asking her to marry someone else. Baa says they want her to settle down. Gehna says she cannot forget Anant, though they forgot him so soon. Baa says Anant is her son before Gehna’s husband and they can never forget him, but want her to settle down. She denies their request.

Next morning in kitchen, Hema sees Kanak preparing snacks happily and asks if she won a lottery. Kanak says jackpot and says Kanak was a 24/7 servant when she came to this house and then became bahu, she never disobeyed Baa and Bapuji and will surely agree to for remarriage. Hema says Gehna will never agree and she is part of their lives now. Kanak says they will be tension-free after Gehna’s remarriage, then says she means Baa and Bapuji, thinks she will rock during this wedding drama. In living room, Pankaj and Chetan try to convince Gehna for remarriage, but she denies. Anant informs his boss and Siya about Baa’s decision. Boss asks how can Baa think Gehna’s second marriage, didn’t he get tensed. Anant says he did, but his heart says Gehna will never agree for second marriage. Gehna asks Chetan and Pankaj how can they think of her second marriage. Krishna says she is hesitant as she thinks Sid is Anant and is hoping Anant’s return, so she she should get Anant out of her mind. Gehna warns to slap him if he says this. Tia says Gehna is adamant as she never met another man than Anant, so she should meet another boy once. Gehna scolds even her an walks away.

Gehna sits in garden crying and thinks she can feel Anant’s presence around her. She slips and falls down. Sid walks to her and nursing her wound says she was flirting with him till yesterday and today agreed for second marriage. She asks him to look into her eyes and say this. Neighbors watch them and think Gehna caught another man as soon as Anant passed away. Siya walks to Sid and asks waht is he doing here leaving her in car. Sid asks Gehna to return home walking and walks away with Siya. Neighbors visit Desai house and badmouth about Gehna they saw Gehna with doctor and they should be careful before others notice them.

Kanak yells at Gehna that Baa and Bapuji are humiliated because of her. Baa tells Gehna that she always respected her and hopes she will in the future also, they are not bothered about others, but they should be able to face themselves. Bapuji backs her. Baa asks her to meet they boy Chirag once even if she doesn’t marry him. Gehna agrees. Chirag’s family visits with alliance. Bapuji praises Gehna and says once Gehna and Chirag should speak once. Baa sends Gehna with Chirag to show their house. Chirag says he heard everything about Gehna and is ready to accept her. Gehna throws vase and other stuff on him and threatens him. Chirag gets afraid and runs away and rejoins family. Sid walks in. Chirag’s mother asks his decision. Chirag agrees for this alliance. Gehna stands shocked.