Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anant is put behind bars, and constable offers him food. He denies to have it. Gehna walks to him. He shouts at her to go from there. Constable asks how can he speak so rudely to his wife. Anant says until he doesn’t eat Gehna will not go, so he eats food and asks her to go from there. Gehna walks towards door and sees Bapuji there. Bapuji reminisces Baa kicking Gehna out of house and asks her to go home. Gehna says Baa wants her son back home and she will get him. Constable informs Bapuji that inspector is calling hm. Bapuji asks Gehna to wait and passing through Anant’s cell asks not to worry as everything will be fine soon. Inspector informs him that he cannot approve Anant’s bail as its a case of national security. Advocate assures that he will file for Anant’s bail tomorrow and will try his best to bail him out. Pankaj says when he is taking so much money, he should give 100% assurance with whatever way he can and get his brother out safely. Gehna thinks advocate told its difficult to get Anant out without file, so he has to search that file. Inspector tells Bapuji that he will present Anant in court tomorrow, she should go home now. Bapuji meets Anant and asks him to trust god. Anant blames Gehna again.

Gehna meets Apla and tells her that Sagar crossed his limits by stealing Anant’s file this time. Alpa asks how can she be so sure. Gehna says she connected all the links, he was missing from garden and was limping, he has a reason to steal file, she is sure he stole the file but doesn’t have proof. She thinks she has to get file from Sagar at any cost. She sees liquor bottle on floor. Alpa says her husband drinks alcohol. Gehna reminisces her pooja pendal drama after inebriation and says she found a way to get file from Sagar and will play his own game with him. Sagar in his room thinks soon Gehna will fall in his hands like sari false and he will play one day match with her. He gets happy seeing Gehna’s call and asks how did she remember her. She asks him to meet her outside 2 lanes from home. He agrees and thinks why did she call him at this time. Tia calls her and asks how is she. She says she is fine and disconnects call. Tia prays god to protect Gehna.

Sagar meets Gehna and asks how did she remember her. Gehna says nobody cares for her in the house except him. He says he is telling this since long. She says family considers and treats her like a servant even after marriage and only Sagar understands her, so she remembered only him in trouble. She is never happy after marrying Anant and was happy only once when someone gave her bhang, so she wants same happiness today forgetting everything, there is a place for that and she is afraid to go there, so if he will accompany her. Sagar thinks she wants to get inebriated and fall in his trap again, he will do whatever he wants. He gets on bike and asks her to sit behind him. She thinks she hates him, but that she has to take him to a place where Alpa has set a trap for him. She sits behind him and asks him to take right. He says he will take left as desire is hers and place is his. She agrees and thinks she has to fight with this mahishasur for her husband like Savitri fought with Yamraj. Alpa hides camera in flower vase and thinks if Sagar took Gehna somewhere else. Sagar takes her to different place and filling alcohol goes to play music. Gehna thinks how to record Sagar’s confession video now, she has to find out file’s location and reach there son. Sagar plays Yeh Mera Dil Pyar Ka Gehna mimics song and serves him alcohol dancing around him. He gets heavily inebriated. She says family not only did bad to her but also him. He says Anant did really bad to him and will rotten in jail whole life.

Baa with Paresh prays god for Anant. Paresh says nothing will happen to Anant and Bapuji must be returning home with Anant. Bapuji with Chetan and Pankaj returns. Baa searches Anant and asks where is he. Bapuji says Anant didn’t get a bail and will be produced in court tomorrow. Baa cries more and prays god. Kanak thinks real drama will start in court tomorrow, Anant will go to jail forever and Gehna in exile. She asks Hema to get file from Sagar soon.

Gehna asks Sagar who must have stolen the file. Sagar says file is worth crores. Gehna asks if its with him. He says he stole it from her cupboard. She thinks she will get it from him. Inspector informs Anant that he will be produced in court tomorrow and should return file if wants to escape jail. Anant says Gehna lost that file and must be crying somewhere in a corner now. Gehna asks Sagar how did he open her cupboard. Sagar says he stole cupboard key from her and reminds her all the incidents. She asks to tell where it is now as they can sell it and share the money. He falls asleep