Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Hema acts as trying to leave house with children. Baa stops her. She runs to Baa and says she knew Baa would stop her. Baa says she is not stopping anyone from going, she is stopping her family from shattering, she held her family together with hard work and doesn’t want it to shatter. She requests Gehna. Gehna asks not to request her and requests Anant to forgive Sagar. Bapuji warns that whoever will put an evil eye on his daughter, he will break their hands, god doesn’t stay wherever a daughter is insulted. Anant insists Sagar to apologize Gehna. Sagar says sorry. Anant insists to touch Gehna’s feet and apologizes. Sagar fumes in anger. Bapuji says they consider unmarried daughter as devi and there is nothing wrong in touching devimaa’s feet. Sagar touches Gehna’s feet with frowning face and apologizes her. Gehna runs to outhouse. Kanak sees Radhika calming down Anant holding his hand.

Gehna runs to outhouse and cries reminiscing Sagar trying to molest her repeatedly. She tries to fix flower plant and is unable to, reminiscing the event. She imagines her father calling her. Bapuji tells Anant and Baa that Gehna’s father sacrificed his life for him and Gehna was her father’s life, he couldn’t protect Gehna, etc. Anant consoles him. Gehna imagines her father consoling her. Gehna says she considers this family as hers and even they love her like a daughter, but she is unable to fulfill her responsibilities. Father consoles her and says let us fix the plant. Gehna does and then realizes it was her imagination.

Hema cries in front of Pankaj, Chetan, Hiral, and Kanak that her brother was insulted badly by Gehna and Ananth; her brother is Jamnagar’s hero and why would he misbehave with Gehna. Chetan says her brother did a mistake. Hema says he let Anant trash her innocent brother. Kanak scolds her for trying to hide her brother’s heinous acts and use children for her benefit. Hema asks why is she supporting a maid, she cannot forget that her brother had to touch a maid’s feet. Hiral says maid is respected too much in this house. Kanak says maid gather mahila morcha so easily against them and they need to find out who this Radhika is.

Anant takes Radhika to his parents and informs him that she is his college friend and colleague, they have worked on many projects together. Bapuji asks where is Gehna. Gehna enters and offers medicines to Bapuji. Anant says Gehna serves their family so much, it is their duty now to do something for her. Bapuji says he is right and seeks his suggestion. Anant says they should get her married and proposes Gehna to marry her.

Precap: Gehna says she has only 2 friends, Champa and Chmeli. He corrects her tresses when Radhika enters and asks what is happening, she can tolerate anything but not this.