Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Radhika shows Anant’s gifted sari to Gehna. Gehna says this is so beautiful. Radhika thanks her and says Anant has found a well educated and competent boy for her. Gehna says he is from city and she is a desi illiterate girl. Radhika says even city girls want to become desi girl, even she does. Gehna says she will look desi in this sari. Radhika says even Anant likes her in sari, but she doesn’t know to wear it. She asks if Gehna can wear sari in front of her so that she can learn it watching her. Gehna agrees and says she will bring her sari. Radhika insists her to wear her sari. Gehna wears it and says its very simple. Radhika gets her mother’s call and walks away due to network problem. Gehna looks herself in mirror. She then peeps from window. Anant walks in and gets happy thinking Radhika wore his gifted sari. He hugs her, Gehna turns nervous, and Anant gets nervous and embarrassed and says he thought its Radhika. She says its okay. She says she is looking pretty in this sari. Tia and Radhika walk in and inform him that boy’s family came. He asks how can they come so suddenly uninformed. Radhika says even she is surprised. Gehna says she will change her sari. Radhika says let it be as this sari was destined for her and takes her to living room to meet boy’s family. Anant thinks once he gets boy/Aman’s Rajasthan’s job information, he will be clear about everything.

Praful and his family greet Aman’s family and make them sit. Gehna meets them and hopes she doesn’t get Baa and Bapuji embarrassed this time and boy accepts her. Aman’s family likes her and says they needed a sarva gunn sampann bahu like Gehna and doesn’t need anything, they just need a simple marriage. Praful gets happy and says he wants to perform Gehna’s marriage in a lavish way as Gehna’s father sacrificed his life for him. Mother says they have one problem. Family gets tensed. Aman says wedding should happen in 2 days as his job posting is in Naintal after 3 days, so he wants Gehna to accompany him. Hema gets jealous and murmurs that Gehna is getting a good family and husband while she is stuck with Chetan here. Anant gets tensed thinking how can he finalize alliance until he gets coniration. Radhika walks in with a letter. He reads it and gets happy seeing boy’s job confirmation letter. He returns to family and says they are ready for marriage in 2 days. Everyone happily congratulate each other. Kanak serves sweets to everyone. Pankaj asks Chetan if Kanak went on Anant’s side. Chetan says she is feeding sweets before taking her revenge, let us see what she does. After Aman’s family leaves, Anant asks Gehna if she is happy with this alliance. She says she is happy if her Baa and Bapuji are happy, though its difficult for her to leave this house, she has only 2 days left here. He says its difficult for even them and they will shower their immense love on her for 2 days that she will leave this house happily. Kanak says he is right, they will see off Gehna with happiness. Gehna emotionally hugs Baa and Bapuji.

Next morning, family gets busy in wedding arrangements. Tia says she prepared guest list. Anant tells Radhika they need to get flowers. Kanak shows mantap designs to Baa and Bapuji aand says she selected them after being awake whole night and will decorate mantap same way as they like. Hema and Hiral fume discussing now Kanak will decorate maid’s mantap. Gehna gets emotional looking at her flower plants and hopes she stays here with them, worries for Baa and Bapuji, then thinks they will support Baa and Bapuji. Bapuji thanks family for supporting him in Gehna’s wedding. Sagar says even he wants to help and tries to pick items nearby. Anant stops him and tells Bapuji that he let Sagar stay as he didn’t want a fight in family, but will not let him participate in family matters.