Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Chirag accepts to marry Gehna. Gehna thinks how can he agree to marry her after showing her anger on him. Kanak remembers dropping tea on Chirag and in lieu of showing him washroom informs him that Gehna will try her best to shoo him away and cancel this alliance, but he shouldn’t get afraid; revealing Chirag is her puppet. Bapuji says then this alliance is accepted. Gehna stops them and says she doesn’t accept this alliance. Baa asks why? Chirag says she is nervous, let her take time, they will meet again whenever Gehna wants to. His family leaves. Kanak determines to get Gehna married to Chirag at any cost.

Gehna cries in her room. Sid/Anant walks in and asks if she didn’t take medicine today. She wipes her tears. He says that boy was handsome, then why didn’t sehe say yes; if she wants to date first and know her life partner well before marriage; he thought Desais are orthodox, but they are modern to get their DIL married. She says his eyes and words are not matching, why is he pretending. He holds her. She looks into his eyes. He asks her to stop flirting with him as he really doesn’t like her; he will arrange her and Chirag’s date as he and Siya are experienced in it. She thinks he can’t be her Anant ji.

Kanak speaks to her puppet Chirag and says his and Gehna’s alliance was about to cancel today, but he handled situation well. He asks when will he get his money. He says after marriage. He says he will easily convince Gehna. Kanak says Gehna is not an easy nut to crack and explains her plan in detail.

Baa makes Hema write grocery list. Hema says its too less. Anant noticing their helplessness says he can’t see his family like this and will order grocery for them. Door bell rings. Hema opens it and gets happy seeing grocery trolley. Siya asks Anant if he ordered grocery already. He says he didn’t. Bapuji says they didn’t order any grocery. Trolley man gives him Chirag’s letter which reads he heard their conversation about their financial crisis, so he is sending them grocery as a small help. Bapuji accepts grocery. Chirag also send a flower bouquet to Gehna. Anant walks to his room fuming. Siya tries to calm him down.

Gehna passes by their room fuming on Pranav and notices Sid and Siya romancing. Sid tells Siya that good she noticed Gehna coming. Gehna walks in and says they should romance behind closed doors as family may notice them. Siya asks why did she notice them then. Sid says Gehna will do same in a few days as her fiancé is also very romantic and hence sent her flowers. Gehna says she came go give case file to Siya and keeps flowers for them. Sid says she should also help in this case. Siya she will argue this case and Gehna’s help will be unnoticed anyways. Gehna walks away. Sid angrily throws flowers away. Gehna returns and notices them. She prays god to clear her dilemma. Next morning during breakfast, she tells Baa and Bapuji that she decided to marry Chirag. Sid looks shocked hearing that and thinks how did she take this decision. Desai family rejoices.