Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Siya informs Gehna that all the documents and evidences to prove Anant innocent are stolen and they cannot fight case without the documents. Gehna gives her original documents and says they have everything to prove Anant innocent, thief stole its copy; seeing all the recent incidents, she got alert and knew Kumar would do something, hence she made a copy and give it to Siya and herself kept original one, etc. Sid gets a call that he got an emergency case and informs Siya and Gehna that he needs to go. Gehna asks him to do his duty and goes into court with Siya. Sid thinks he cannot come in front of police until he is proven innocent, so he had to act. At Desai house, Kanak decides to throw away Chirag’s gifted grocery. Hema requests not to dot hat. Kanak says Baa says they cannot accept gifts given with wrong intention. Baa stops her and says they cannot disrespect food, so they can give it to needy.

Court hearing starts. Public prosecutor argues that Anant is a terrorist and traitor and calls a commando who explains the whole incident happened and proves Anant a traitor. Judge calls Siya next who says her client is innocent, but stands silently. Gehna asks her to show the evidences to judge, but Siya stands silently remembering Sagar’s warning to kill her and her brother if she gives evidences against him. Judge adjourns hearing till next date. Anant/Sid on the other side gets nervous thinking what must be happening in court. His friend/Siya’s brother says he need not worry as there is evidence to prove his innocence.

Family eagerly waits for Gehna. Gehna returns home with Siya. Baa asks if Anant is proven innocent. Gehna says case is adjourned till next hearing and informs that Sagar stole documents and threatened to kill Siya, so Siya was afraid and couldn’t even speak. She falls unconscious. Dr. Srivastav checks her and says he got unconscious due to stress, but will be fine soon. Gehna wakes up, and Hema gives her water. Kanak says Baa’s decision was right that they should get Gehna married as soon as possible. Gehna gets tensed hearing that. Bapuji says Kanak spoke right for the first time. Anant/Sid thinks he cannot let Siya’s second marriage happen and cannot even reveal his identity until he is proven innocent. He says uncle is right, Srivastav is the right choice for Gehna. Gehna walks to her room hearing that. Krishna thinks if Gehna thinks Sid is Anant, then why he wants Gehna to marry Srivastav.

Srivastav asks Anant why he suggested his name to marry Gehna. Anant says he knows Gehna herself will deny to marry anyone. Gehna tells Baa that she doesn’t want to marry anyone and agreed last time on Baa’s insistence. Anant tells Srivastav that he somehow needs to prove himself innocent. Srivastav says he found out about terrorist’s weapon consignment in some building. Anant says he himself will go and get them arrested. He walks out hurriedly not noticing Gehna. Gehna gets suspicious and follows him. Anant reaches venue and is shocked to see guns and bombs, but no one around. He realizes that terrorists planned to get him arrested in arms dealing case and walks away from there. Gehna enters searching Sid. Someone makes her unconscious. She wakes up after sometime and finds herself in a ship in the middle of sea. She panics and seeing a man coming pleads him get out of her, but stands shocked seeing Sagar. Sagar threatens to have a second marriage if she wants to be free from here. He reveals that he knows Sid is Anant and is hiding in Desai house. She says he is not Anant. He insists to marry someone and prove it.