Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anant waits for Gehna in pooja pandal and asks Tia about her. Tia says she doesn’t know. Gehna enters and he stands mesmerized looking at her beauty. Gehna keeps her study certificate in front of Devimaa’s idol and takes oath that she will study more and move head, looking at Anant. Panditji gives her aarti and she shows it to Kanak, Hema and then Baa. Baa smilingly accepts aarti. Gehna then shows aarti to Radhika who sadly looking at Anant accepts it. Host gathers everyone and says after maa Sarasvathi’s vandana/pooja, they will start games with devimaa’s blessings. Paresh asks Gehna to win the game. Host announces needling a thread game. Anant tells Gehna that this game will show everyone’s talent and she can portray her challenge. Game starts. Kanak’s team, Gehna, and others participate. Gehna is about to needle the thread but stops Kanak and Hema struggling. Kanak needles the thread and wins the game. Host announces Kanak in ladies and Pankaj in gents won the game. Hema congratulates Kanak. Radhika congratulates her and walks towards Gehna. Hema tells Kanak that Gehna lost a simple game, she will lose other games also. Radhika walks to Gehna and says she lost a simple game, how will she handle Anant’s grahasti/household, she should not participate in other games and bear the insult. Anant hears their conversation.

Tia announces that they will next play an interesting game, partner’s name and will see if partners understand each other well. Radhika calls Anant and asks if he will become her partner. Anant says he will for sure and looking at Gehna says if he will support a person who is adamant and wishes to win. Radha extends her hand and says let us go my partner for game. Anant holds her hand looking at Gehna. Hema tells Kanak that Anant became Radhika’s partner. Gehna reminiscing Anant’s words says she lost a game but not her confidence, so she will play the game and win it. Tia says they will play yadon ki barat game until partners prepare themselves and looking at the shown 10 items for 20 seconds note down the most items they can remember. Game starts and Gehna with Radhika, Hema, Kanak, and others participates. Tia and other host checks chits and says they got a winner and any guess who won it. Sunny says mummy, and Pankaj says Kanak. Tia says winner of yadon ki baraat is Gehna bhabhi. Everyone clap for Gehna while Kanak and her team frown. Radhika asks how did she remember all 10 items. Gehna says these uses these items in her household daily and remind her of her each family member; thread bundles reminds her of god and bapuji’s blessings. Bapuji says his blessings will be with her always. Gehna says keys resemble Baa who is holding family together; Anant pen who encourages her to studay; chilli resembles chilli. Kanak angrily asks if she compared her to chilli. Gehna says she loves spicy food, so she resembles chilli. Kanak frowns more. Tia says Gehna is winner of this game. Committee ladies praise Jamna that they are jealous of her seeing Gehna. Kanak and Hema get more jealous hearing that.

Sagar taunts Kanak singing Hai Hai Kanak warns him to shut up. Sagar taunts that he can imagine Kanak’s future hearing her oath. Kanak imagines mopping floor like Gehna while Gehna enjoying like her. Out of imagination, she says she will not let that happen. Committee ladies say jodis are ready, Kanak Pankaj, Hema Chetan, and Hiral Sapan’s jodis, only Gehna is left so Jamna should become her jodi. Bapuji holds her hand and leaves her with Gehna. Baa sits with participants. Tia asks who thinks by heart between them. Baa picks Gehna’s card and Gehna picks Baa’s card. Kanak picks her own card. Tia asks who takes time to get ready. Baa and Gehna pick Baa’s card. Kanak picks her own card and Hema also picks Kanak’s card and says Kanak sits for hours staring herself in mirror. Tia asks who is Albert Pinto among them who gets angry soon. Baa and Gehna pick Baa’s card while Kanak picks Hema’s and Hema Kanak’s card. Tia asks who runs away during trouble. Everyone pick each other’s card. Gehna, Baa, Radhika, and Anant sit silently. Lady says if they don’t pick, they will disqualify. Paresh says this shows they all 4 care for each other. Kanak comments that Anant and Radhika understand each other well. Anant asks if friends can’t understand each other. Tia announces that except Baa/Gehna and Anant/Radhika, everyone are disqualified. Kanak with team walks away fuming. Tia asks next question that if they know what is their partner’s most fear. Radhika says Anant fears heights. Anant says he doesn’t. Tia asks what Baa fears most. Bapuji says she is afraid of being locked in a room. Paresh says something else. Gehna says Baa is afraid of breaking her family and wants to keep whole family united. Tia says she read answer, but wants to hear it from Baa. Baa says Gehna is right. Paresh says saas bahu’s jodi is a hit. Tia announces Baa and Gehna as winners. Committee lady asks Gehna what Anant fears most. Gehna says he fears for the people whom he loves most, Baa and Bapuji and he cannot see even a scratch on them.