Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna/Kajal asks Rohan, Priya, and Abhay’s mother to act as normal in front of Abhay or else they won’t be able to get out of his grip. She assures Rohan that she will reunite him with his mother. Rohan reveals that Abhay killed his mamma. Gehna consoles him. Priya panics thinking Rohan will kill even her. Abhay returns home and noticing car tyre marks thinks if Anant had visited in his absence. Gehna tries to control panicked Priya. Gehna says Priya needs medical treatment and asks mother to give her a phone. Mother says Abhay didn’t give her a phone. Gehna finds landline disconnected and calms down Priya with breathing exercise. They all 4 get tensed hearing door sound and think Abhay returned. Anant calls his detective and says he didn’t find Abhay there, so his information is wrong. He thinks he came here with great hope, but couldn’t get any clue. He remembers Bapuji’s words and drives car away.

Abhay returns home. Gehna acts normal and asks how was his day. Abhay notices broken vases and asks what had happened. Gehna says he should question his mother and says she fought with her and differentiates between daughter and DIL. Abhay asks what had really happened. Gehna says she found house dirty and wanted to clean it, but his mother stopped her and fought with her. Mother says she did her a favor, but she threw things at her. Abhay asks them to stop and asks Gehna to apologize mother. Gehna does. Abhay says he thinks someone came in his absence. She says no one came. Abhay walks to Priya and asks who had come. Gehna says no one came. He tapes her mouth and insists Priya to tell who had come. Priya says a woman had come on a wrong address. Abhay asks why is she afraid then. She says she feels headache and nervousness. He gives her 2 medicines and forcefeeds her. Gehna thinks she will save herself and this family from Abhay’s terror. Abhay apologizes Gehna and says he fears losing them and says she understands his love. She nods yes.

Hema confronts Kanak for trapping her in her own game. Kanak says she can go and tell truth everyone, but she will also be trapped. Hema asks what’s new is going in her mind now. Kanak says she is thinking about her advice and is ordering pregnancy belly for her. Hema asks if they get these things online. Kanak says they can find even god and places order. Pankaj gets order confirmation, excitedly checks what she ordered, is shocked to see fake belly bump, and thinks Kanak lied to him again. He angrily throws away cake prepared for Kanak.

Rohan informs Gehna that bady uncle/Abhay has gone for a shower. Gehna says if she succeeds in going out, she will seek someone’s help. Priya asks what if she elopes and doesn’t return, they will have to face bhai’s anger. Gehna says why will she betray them. Priya says when her brother can betray her, how can she trust her. Gehna asks to listen to her heart and reply if she will not go away from here if she gets even a 1% chance. Mother backs Gehna. Priya and Rohan also agree next. Gehna acts as collapsing. Abhay rushes to her and asks what happened to her. Priya says bhabhi slipped from stairs and fell down. Abhay says her pulse is on. Mother says he should take her to hospital. He says her son is a doctor and will himself check her. He brings water and sprinkles it on Gehna’s ace, but she continues acting. Priya says she fears for bhabhi’s life. Abhay lifts Gehna and rushes out. Gehna shows thumbs up to them.

Precap: Anant takes police to Abhay’s house. Inspector tells Abhay that Anant has complained that Abhay is forcefully holding his wife. Abhay pointing knife at Priya asks Gehna to tell who is her husband.