Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna opens door thinking she must have got a help, but gets tensed seeing Abhay. Abhay asks if she was expecting someone else as she asked who is it. She nervously says no. He locks door from outside again and leaves. Anant notices Abhay going out. Gehna sits under shower and vents out her frustration. Anant hearing her shout thinks there must be some way go in. Abhay’s mother and sister plead Gehna to come out. She comes out. They drape towel around her, and mother goes to get tea for her. She goes to kitchen and gets blur flashbacks, calls and informs that she saw flashback of blur faces. Gehna says its a good sign, soon she will remember everything. Priya says nothing will change and Abhay will not spare them. Gehna says they should be courageous and try to get out of this mess. Rohan says he wants to.

Anant knocks door and asks if someone there. Gehna says she knows this voice. Mother asks not to reply as Abhay must be tricking her with different voices. Anant calls Gehna. Gehna says its Anant and opens window. Anant asks if there is any way to get her out or should he break the lock and enter house. She says Abhay will find out via tracker. Mother says they can go out via terrace. Gehna fixes sari rope and says they will get down via it. Mother says she is old and cannot slide down. Gehna says she will help her. Anant signals Gehna to slide down. Rohan notices Abhay returning home and informs them. Gehna signals Anant she can’t and asks mother and sister to go down and act normal with Abhay until she picks saris and comes down. They return to living room and act normal. Abhay walks in with gifts and asks where is Gehna. Priya in fear says terrace.

Anant climbs terrace and insists Gehna to come along. She says she cannot live her family alone. He says her family is at Desai house and he is her husband. She says Abhay will torture his family if she goes, so he should go and bring police. He agrees and leaves. Abhay walks towards terrace when Gehna walks down and acts normal. Mother asks if she dried clothes. Gehna says finished all work. Abhay asks where there is a need to dry clothes on terrace when there is a dryer. Gehna says dryer doesn’t dry clothes completely. He gives gifts to everyone, fixes necklace in Gehna’s neck and tries to hug her saying she is world’s most beautiful girl. Gehna says let us have rabri first. He asks her to serve it. She walks into kitchen with family. Priya says maybe Abhay is her real brother as he takes care of her like a true brother. Mother says same. Gehna asks how can a person keep them captivated at home, why would Rohan say that Abhay killed his mother. Rohan cries that dirty uncle killed his mamma. Gehna consoles him and says she doesn’t know if Anant is really her husband, but he wants to truly help them and they should trust him.

They hear police jeep siren and walk down. Abhay stops them and check. Gehna thinks Abhay’s terror will end today. Anant knocks door and asks inspector to break the door as Abhay will not open it. He breaks the door open and walks towards Gehna when Abhay stops him and warns to dare not go near his wife. Anant shouts Gehna is his wife. Inspector says Anant filed his wife’s missing complaint and challenged that Abhay has captivated his wife. Anant points knife at Priya’s back and asks Gehna tell that he is her husband. Gehna says Abhay is her husband. Inspector questions mother and others who also say same. Anant angrily holds Abhay’s collar. Gehna pulls him away and warns to dare not touch her husband or come in front of her again. Inspector takes Anant away. Abhay tells Priya that he had to threaten her to protect he and praises Gehna’s acting.

Precap: Abhay tells Gehna that his life’s biggest problem is Anant and hence he has to get rid off him. Gehna asks if he will not harm Anant. Abhay angrily breaks water glass in his hand.