Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Swara gets happy when Baa supports her and asks Kusum if she saw Gehna’s sad face when Baa praised her and made her sit next to her, she surely will win best bahu trophy. Kusum says her goal is bigger, she wants Gehna to suffer like they did and get out of this house. Gehna is busy in kitchen when Anant lifts her and asks her to rest when she is injured. Gehna says she has pending work. He sees her making herbal paste for Gehna and says he likes her caring for everyone. Kusum remembers a night when she was kicked out of house for stealing jewelry after Gehna informed her father about it. She says she will snatch Gehna’s happiness and wealth will make her suffer badly, only then she will be in peace. Gehna enters with herbal paste and shatters hearing that. Swara thinks Gehna’s drama started again. Kusum tries to act. Gehna says she knew her mother hates her, but after hearing this, she is shattered; her mother hates her for a mistake which she did in her childhood. Swara says that one mistake ruined their lives. Gehna cries saying people say there is heaven under mother’s feet, her mother considers her as enemy, a mother protects her baby, but her mother wants to destroy her, etc. Swara feels irritated and goes to sleep. Gehna gives herbal paste for Swara’s injury and walks away crying.

Gehna returns to her room crying. Anant hugs her friend behind. She asks him to leave her as she has a lot of work pending. He asks her to relax and breathe in and out whenever she is disturbed, she should stop supporting her mother and sister and thinking about them. She hugs him and cries more and says she cannot as they are her family, etc. He consoles her. Next morning, Swara touches Baa’s feet and seeks her blessings for next competition. Baa blesses her. Gehna touches her feet next and seeks her blessings. Baa suggests her to play intelligently like yesterday. Gehna then touches Kusum’s feet and takes her blessings. Pankaj asks Kusum to keep her blessings for Swara also. Hema enters and says she met committee lady who give her competition details and gave 2000 rs to them each to buy goods and reach venue in 2 hours to sell it and make most profit. Bapuji says let us finish breakfast and reach venue in 2 hours.

Jigna visits Kanak in jail. Kanak asks her to stop her crocodile tears as she didn’t come to meet her once after so much happened. Jigna shows says her husband is mor worst than her who forgot her and married Swara. Kanak asks her to find out where Sagar is, ask him to keep his mouth shut and be ready get out of jail. Competition starts. Contestants set up their stall.

Best bahu competition continues. Host announces next round where contestants have to make best profit out of 2000 rs investment. Contestants set up their stall. Hema sets up a gambling stall, Gehna a 1 rs laddu stall, Swara keeps her stall secret. Hema jokes with Gehna that her sister spent money on her makeup. Kusum asks Swara if she is sure she wants to do this. Swara says yes and she she should be worried for her fool daughter who is selling laddoos for 1 rs. All contestants get busy selling their stuff while Swara just watches silently. Anant buys laddoo from Gehna and praises its taste. Gehna says Swara is up to something, they need to find out. Host announces that Gehna is ahead in this round with 6000 rs profit while Swara didn’t earn any profit yet. Swara plays music and Hema collects money. Anant and Gehna thinks what is Swara doing.