Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Desai family continues helping Gehna finish her order. Gehna sees Anant sweating and wipes his sweat with her pallu. Power goes off. Pankaj says how will they work without light. Gehna says a light cannot break their confidence and brings candles. She then sings Tara Rara Ram Tara Rampam.. song and cheers up family. Kanak and Hema join her. Next morning, family claps after completing order. Gehna thanks them for helping her complete the order. She calls Shivangi and informs that her 100 gown order is ready. Shivani says she will send a tempo to pick up her order and even send her contract papers which she should read carefully this time and then sign. Gehna asks family to rest as they haven’t since 4 days while she delivers order. Pankaj says he will accompany her and Anant. Kanak says even she and Hema will visit temple and thank god. Baa permits. Kanak and Hema disguised as truck drivers bring truck. Anant and Pankaj load boxes in truck. Anant then tells them that he has seen them before. A few men come begging and ask Anant to give them some food. Anant asks Pankaj to take care while he brings food for beggars. Once he goes in, Kanak asks Pankaj to bring the last box from inside which his brother told. Pankaj walks in. Kanak pays beggars and drives away truck. Pankaj walks in and asks Anant to give the last box. Anant says there is no box left. They rush out and see truck missing. Hema asks Kanak what is her plan and where are they taking Gehna’s consignment. Kanak says wherever they should, police will arrest Gehna now.

Gehna worried tells Anant and Pankaj that she needs to return Amrish’s money tomorrow, how will she will without completing order. Anant gives truck number to Pankaj and asks him to file police complaint while he finds out who those helpers were and where did they take gowns. Gehna tells Anant that if she doesn’t return Amrish’s money, he will send her to jail. Anant says he will not let anything happen to her. Shivangi walks in and congratulates Gehna for completing order before time, says the truck broke down on the way and hence she herself came to take the consignment. Gehna says someone came and took the gowns away citing as her employees. Shivani fumes that she is giving lame excuses, her brother’s opinion regarding her is right, and if she doesn’t complete her order, she will go to jail. Gehna thinks she helped bhabhis, but someone tricked her, why she is always tricked. She tells Anant that she always supports truth, but is always tricked. Anant consoles her. She asks who took her gowns.

Hema insists Kanak to tell her plan, they wanted to send Gehna to jail, but Kanak instead helped Gehna and let whole family work for her; what will she do with so many gowns. Kanak points at Amrish. Amrish pays her 10 lakhs for consignment and walks away asking to thank their boss. Hema asks who is her boss. Kanak says she is the boss and remembers calling Ambrish and provoking him against Gehna and Anant to take revenge from them. He asks why is she so interested in his revenge. She says enemy’s enemy is a friend, so she will help him take revenge. Out of flashback, Hema praises Kanak for her plana and says Gehna will go to jail and they got 10 lakhs in reward, now nobody can stop Gehna from going to jail. Kanak says this time nobody will find out what they did, says let us return home before family doubts them.

Anant and Gehna return home thinking who must have stolen gowns. Baa tells Gehna that she was missing her mother’s dupatta, so she prepared dupatta for her and gives her dupatta. Gehna touches her feet. Baa blesses her and says she always made them proud with her good deeds and she is sure she will continue making them proud. Gehna thinks whole family loves her so much, but she will break their hearts when she will go to jail. Pankaj returns and informs Anant that he filed police complaint against tempo driver. Pankaj asks what complaint. Anant says driver was driving temp rashly, so they filed police complaint. He thinks if Kanak and Hema are involved in this and asks where are they. Kanak returns saying she was fixing lights. Hema returns with Sagar saying she was feeding Sagar. Kanak gets happy that Anant and Gehna don’t know that she tricked them and earned 10 lakhs