Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna gets Sagar inebriated and insists him to tell where he hid the file. He murmurs file, Anant, revenge and falls asleep again. She sprinkles water on him and asks again. He says he buried the file in Desi House’s backyard. She repeats if he buried the file in Desi House’s backyard. He says yes. She checks time and thinks its 3:30 a.m. and if she takes file to police station soon, Anant will be freed. She reaches backyard and thinks wherever Sagar buried the file, its soil would be wet. She finds one place and digs it, but doesn’t file there. Anant in police station reminisces family bonding and thinks in a few hours his family and world will shatter and there would be darkness always. Inspector says there is no use of crying after putting country’s security at risk, he should return file and escape punishment. Anant thinks why did Gehna do this to him. Gehna thinks if Sagar hid the file in background without anyone noticing it, then that place cannot be seen via windows and doors. She finds Sagar’s ring on ground digs it thinking he must have buried file there. She digs ground and gets happy finding file there. She reminisces people calling Anant a betrayer and thinks now nobody will call him a betrayer, she is coming with a family. Sagar snatches file and says he realized when she left him inebriated, if she thought she can fool him and free Anant. She shouts Bapuji, but he shuts her mouth.

Baa and Tia pray god while Paresh and Bapuji sit tensely. Hema tells Kanak that they are losing their sleep trying to trap Anant. Kanak says once Anant goes to jail, they can sleep peacefully. Door bell rings. Bapuji rushes thinking Gehna came, but sees Alpa and asks why did she come at 5 a.m. itself. Alpa takes him aside and informs that Gehna doubts that Sagar stole file, so she planned to meet him and record his confession; she went to meet Sagar, but her phone is off since then. Bapuji calls Gehna and Sagar and seeing their phones switched off warns Hema that he will not spare Sagar if something hapens to Gehna. Kanak thinks what Sagar is up to, what is he is doing with Gehna, he will handle Gehna, but she will end Anant’s life.

Gehna bites Sagar’s hand. Sagar says he is a monster and will get Anant punished for insulting him repeatedly. Gehna says Anant’s wife will protect him, her mangalsutra and sindoor will protect her husband, she will see prove Anant innocent and will bring him home with respect. Sagar asks who wil save her from him now and asks her to come to him. Gehna walks back and noticing a shovel hits it on his leg and makes him fall. She the picks file and tries to run. He holds her leg. She falls on a stone and falls down subconscious holding file tightly. Sagar tries to snatch file. She falls unconscious. Sagar ties her to a chair and throws water on her. She wakes up and panics seeing herself tied. Sagar laughs and says its proved that nobody can understand her well than him; when she came into Desai House, he knew she is not helpless as she portrays herself and proved it by taking this file. Gehna shouts to shut up, if something happens to Anant, she will. Sagar says police will torture Anant and by now would have taken him to court, he will be punished for sure.

In the morning, inspector drags Anant towards van to take him to court. Bapuji reaches there and taking him aside informs that his bahu is missing since last night, he shouldn’t inform it to Anant, he doubts that Sagar kidnapped her and explains all incidents in detail. Anant thinks why dad is looking so tensed.

Gehna tells Sagar that she didn’t raise voice against him till now as he didn’t harm family, but when its a question of family and if he does anything against Anant, she will kill him. He acts as afraid and stamping repeatedly on file asks if she is enjoying now, will she hit him.; she made him angry and now Anant will be in life. He puts alcohol on file and says Anant’s life and file will both burn. Gehna warns him to dare not do that. He says she burnt his heart and he will burn this file. He lights match stick, and she gets more tensed.