Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kanak congratulates Gehna for completing her order. Hema says they visited temple for her. Sagar asks if they had gone to temple, where is prasad. Hema and Kanak get nervous. He picks Hema’s bag and says he will distribute prasad to everyone and picks money box instead. Kanak gets tensed and taking bag from him distributes prasad from another box. Anant notices that and informs Gehna. Kanak says she finished her task and walks away with Hema. She hides money in a plant and excitedly hopes this plant bear them more money. Baa calls them, and they lock their room. Gehna goes to call them for jagrata and sees Kanak locking her room door. She informs same to Anant. Anant says there is something in the room which bhabhis want to hide. Jagrata starts. Anant gets into room via window and searches it. Hema realizes she forgot her mobile and returns to room to get it. Anant hides seeing door opening. Hema looks at plant, picks her mobile and walks away. Anant walks out thinking he didn’t find anything in the room. Hema’s fake moustache gets stuck on his shirt. Sagar notices it and shows it to him. Anant realizes its truck helpers’ fake moustache. Gehna returns after jagrata. Anant shows her moustache and says he saw it on helper’s face, what if Kanak and Hema disguised themselves and stole consignment. He draws moustache and beard on Kanak’s photo and says definitely Hema and Kanak stole her consignment. Gehna says bhabis cannot do that, they promised not to do anything wrong again, Kanak taught her modeling and even read contract papers for her. She realizes that Kanak read the clause contract papers and didn’t inform her, remembers the remaining events, starts crying and asks Anant if bhabis can betray her. Anant says he doubted bhabis from before, they want to send Gehna to jail by stealing the consignment, he didn’t expose them during Radhika’s event for Pankaj and Chetan’s sake, this time he wants to expose them to make everyone realize Gehna’s goodness, but how will he expose them without any proof. Gehna shows moustache and says this is the proof. Anant asks how will this moustache take them to proof.

Hema walks up in the morning and gets tensed seeing moustache on the mirror. She nervously shouts and hides it. Chetan wakes up and asks why did she shout. She says she saw a cockroach. He falls asleep again. She thinks she wore this moustache while stealing consignment, she needs to inform Kanak about it and rushes towards Kanak’s room when she clashes with Gehna and gets more tensed seeing Gehna wearing a moustache. Gehna says she was playing with Sagar and wore it, why is she getting nervous. Hema thinks Gehna found out truth, he needs to inform Kanak about it. Baa walks to them after pooja and asks Hema what happened to her. Hema walks away stammering. She meets Hema and informs her about moustache. Kanak asks her to relax. Hema says she always traps her and escapes, but this time she will not. Kanak asks her to shut up as nobody will doubt them, they stole consignment and sold it to Amrish for 10 lakhs, nobody will know about it when Amrish will not open his mouth. They hear door knock and open it. Sagar walks in and says let us play a game. Hema says she is busy, so he should play himself. He picks plant pot and runs away. Kanak gets tensed and asks Hema to get it back or else they will be exposed.

Gehna searches Anant and walks out searching him. Hema runs behind Sagar and asks him to return the pot. Gehna thinks why Hema is so tensed, what is in the pot. Amrish walks in with police and asks inspector to arrest Gehna. Baa and Bapuji ask what did their bahu do. Amrish says Gehna is a fraud, she took 25 lakhs for an ad, but didn’t complete it or return his money. Bapuji and Paresh says Gehna will never do anything wrong. Baa says Amrish is lying as Gehna denied to do his ad, she didn’t take any money. Gehna looks at Hema and Kanak and says she took money from Armish.