Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna serves dinner to family. Bapuji and Paresh ask her not to serve them more as they are full after having her prepared laddus at competition venue. Hema complains what is the use of hard work when Swara won competition with her dance. Swara says dancing is an art which everybody can’t. Baa says whoever earned more money won the competition today or else she wouldn’t approve Swara’s lewd dance in public as its against her sanskars. Tia returns home with Krishna. Kusum taunts why she is coming so late when they all returned home long ago. Tia says they had gone out. Kusum taunts Baa if she was in her place, she wouldn’t have let her young daughter roam with an outsider at this time. Swara says being an elder bahu, if Tia had asked her permission, she wouldn’t have permitted. Tia says she took Gehna’s permission. Kusum and Swara continue their taunts. Baa stops them and asks Gehna how could she permit Tia without her permission. Gehna says they went out for sometime. Tia says they went out many times. Baa says she will not from hereon and orders her to go in. Tia runs in crying. Baa asks them not to look at her as she did right and praises Swara’s thinking.

Krishna says he is ready for marriage, but Tia is delaying. Kusum says he should go to his home till then. Gehna says Krishna will not go from here. Baa says Krishna should concentrate on his work till Tia agrees for marriage, make some savings, and build a house for their better future. Anant asks Baa why she has a problem with Krishna when she didn’t have earlier. Hiral asks if she will ask her also to go out of house on outsider’s provocation. Bapuji says he doesn’t agree with Baa’s decision. Paresh and Pankaj also back Gehna. Kusum tells Swara that Baa was pointing at her daughter, now her whole family is against her. Baa feels dejected and says Gehna took over her whole family and made her feel like a naukrani from sethani, she took over her locker keys and house and now she took over her whole family, etc., and walks away. Bapuji says Baa is influenced by outsiders, but soon will realize her mistake. Kusum boasts how she provoked Baa and made her alone, soon she wll make Gehna alone and take over Desai family’s wealth.

Hema meets Kanak again. Kanak frightens her that Swara will soon rule over her and just like Gehna’s sister Swara came and snatched Pankaj away, what if Swara’s sister snatches Chetan from her and kick her out of house. Hema imagines begging while Chetan roams with a woman ignoring her and shouts in fear. Kanak says if she doesn’t want to see this future, she should help her get out of jail as only she can help her now.

Krishna tells Gehna and Anant that he doesn’t want any problem between them because of him, so he wants to leave their house. They both ask him not to feel bad with Baa’s words as she is provoked by outsiders. Krishna says only when he goes out, he can marry Tia and make his own family. Anant says if he goes, outsiders will be victorious, so he shouldn’t go now. Krishna agrees and leaves. Gehna tells Anant that Swara and Kusum’s are getting too dangerous, they need to protect Baa from their provocation. Anant says their game is getting dirty and they need to be careful. Kanak asks Hema to meet Sagar and help him get her out of jail. Hema says she will try and leaves. Kanak thinks Swara snatched her rights, and once out of jail, she will punish Swara and snatch back her rights.