Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna tells family that she took money from Amrish. Baa asks not to get afraid and tell truth. Gehna says Amrish’s allegation is right. Hema gets happy hearing that. Police arrests Gehna. Kanak happily records police taking Gehna away and says she is very happy and this picture is her life’s best picture, they should go and check family’s reaction. Baa stops inspector and pleads not to arrest Gehna as she is innocent. Inspector says let him do his work and takes Gehna away. Hema and Kanak walk down and seeing only Pankaj and Chetan there ask where are others. Baa and others return. Hema picks money pot and walks away. Gehna pleads inspector to let her speak to her husband once. Inspector denies Someone enters.

Kanak happily dances in her room and imagines family treating her royally like a queen, offering her food, and Baa offering her family jewelry. Hema wakes her up. Kanak says she spoilt her dream. Hema says still there is time for her dream to turn into reality, she forgot that Anant knows truth and will do something. Kanak says she was worried only about Amrish who is on their side now, nobody will not trust Anant like before, so let us go to chat street and enjoy pani puri and kachoris. Hema says her mouth is watering now, but how will they go there. Kanak says she knows how and walks down. Bapuji consoles Baa and says he will break his 1 crore FD to bail out Gehna. Kanak thinks old man’s FD belongs to her, looks like old man should be kicked out after Gehna, but now she wants to get out of house. She acts and tells Baa that she will go and request Amrish to take back his complaint, Gehna will be back home. Anant returns and asks what happened to Gehna. Hiral informs that police arrested Gehna in forgery case. Anant shouts how can they think Gehna can do that, why will Gehna go to jail. He starts breaking things around, brings money pot and breaks it. Kanak and Hema gets tensed seeing money out. Anant asks if Kanak is shocked to see his drama, he also learnt drama from Kanak; says Kanak was acting as not knowing Amrish, but she met Amrish already, stole Gehna’s consignment, and sold Gehna’s consignment to him for 10 lakhs. Kanak yells he is blaming her for his wife’s mistake. Gehna returns and says truth will be out right now.

Amrish returns with police and informs that a woman called him and offered to sell Gehna’s consignment for 10 lakhs, so he accepted their offer. He identifies Kanak and Hema and informs that they came to his office as model coordinators and lied that Gehna takes money and doesn’t complete modeling assignment. Inspector tells Gehna that she can complain against Amrish if she wants. Gehna says she doesn’t want to and sends them away. She asks Hema and Kanak if they are thinking how they found out that money is in flower pot, she realized something is hidden in pot when Hema was snatching pot from Sagar. Paresh asks Gehna what is happening. Anant informs that Shivangi gave Gehna gown consignment worth 25 lakhs, but Kanak and Hema posing as truck drivers stole consignment and sold it to Amrish for 10 lakhs, Shivangi alleged Gehna for forgery, and Amrish brought police to get Gehna arrested. He says they conspired against Gehna and tried their best to send her to jail, but he reached on time with Shivangi’s signed consignment receiving letter and stopped police from arresting Gehna by informing them how Amrish tricked them and bringing them back in to expose Kanak and Hema. He remembers the incident and tells Pankaj that Kanak is betraying him since before and will continue. He reveals that Kanak brought Radhika to break Gehna and his marriage and took 25 lakhs from Radhika in exchange of Anant. Pankaj shocked says he is alleging his bhabhi. Anant continues how Radhika demanded 25 lakhs back from Kanak when she didn’t complete her task, hence Gehna to bail them out accepted modeling contract from Amrish worth 25 lakhs and returned the money to Radhika, but Kanak tried to trap Gehna instead and tried to send her to jail.

Gehna confronts Kanak and Hema for misusing her goodness and trying to ruin her, she always considered them as family and was very emotional, but they stooped so low. Pankaj tells her that Kanak doesn’t like her since before, but she cannot stoop sow low. Pankaj says Gehna is wrongly alleging her. Gehna shows Kanak’s confession video.