Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna gets ready for her dinner date with Anant in a beautiful gown. Tia says she is looking amazing and Anant will be mad today. Gehna shies and sends Tia out. Dr. Abhay calls her and says her report has arrived and he thinks she has been lied, there are 90% chances that she can conceive again and become an mother. Gehna rejoices and asks if he is joking. He jokes if she needs a baba’s number and says he read her report twice and is sure she can become a mother. Gehna thanks him and says she will inform Anant. He says she needs a few more tests and need to maintain a distance from Anant till reports are back, but she can if she wants to. Anant waiting in a restaurant for Gehna remembers Gehna’s aunt’s words that she didn’t meet Gehna since months and calls her to confront her, but finds her phone engaged. Gehna calls him back and says she will reach restaurant soon.

Gehna thinks she cannot disappoint Anant again if she doesn’t get pregnant, so she will inform Anant only after test results are back. She hears a crying baby’s voice from store room and walks there. Hema locks the door from outside. Gehna realizes she left her mobile in her room, panics and shouts for help. Hema asks Kanak why did they lock Gehna in storeroom. Kanak says if Gehna goes on a date with Anant again and consummates with him, she will get pregnant again and their plan will be ruined.

A singer signs a song in restaurant. Anant imagines dancing with Gehna, feels disappointed getting out of imagination, and returns home. Rasika with Hiral returns home from temple and asks her to give prasad to Kanak and not let Gehna around Kanak. She walks towards store room door seeing a dried plant and asks Hiral to get it away and walks away. Bapuij asks Anant why did he return so soon. Anant says Gehna didn’t reach restaurant at all. Hema silently unlocks store room door and breaks lock. Gehna rushes out. Rasika as usual finds a chance and alleges Gehna that she has taken a wrong path. Gehna enters and explains what happened. Family checks store room door and finds it broken. Anant also doesn’t believe her and walks to his room angrily. Kanak taunts Gehna that she angered her loving husband.

Gehna returns to her room and seeing Anant angry plays Ruthe Ruthe Piya Manawoon Kaise.. song and apologizes to calm him down. He doesn’t. She does situps and finally convinces him. They feed dinner to each other. She smears her lip with milk. He laughs and shows her face in mirror. She shies. He tries to kiss her. She remembers Dr. Abhay’s advice to maintain a distance from Anant and pushes him away. He asks what happened. She says she feels disturbed thinking who locked her in store room. He warns her to stop lying as her one lie can destroy her 100 truths and walks away.

Precap: Gehna gets violent when Anant touches him and throws vase on him.