Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna apologizes Anant for her misbehavior and thinks he will calm down when he will hear a good news soon. She then serves breakfast to family. Tia says its tasty. Paresh says its Anant’s favorite breakfast. Kanak tries to pick sabji. Rasika stops her and gives her kadha/herbal soup instead. Pankaj says she should give kadha to Kanak for all 3 meals as its goof for health. Anant walks down. Baa asks him to have breakfast. He says he is getting late and will have breakfast at office and walks away. Gehna feels sad seeing Anant wearing different dress than she selected. Kanak feels happy seeing Gehna sad.

Gehna thinks she will make Anant happy once her tests results come back positive. Dr. Abhay calls Gehna and asks her to visit his clinic for further tests. Gehna lies to Baa that she is going to buy grocery. Baa says she ordered grocery a few days ago. Gehna says some items are missing. Rasika suggests her to order online. Gehna says she doesn’t feel good ordering online. Kanak backs her and says she will bring even her list and takes Hema along. Hema asks what is she up to now.
Kanak says already Anant is angry on Gehna and left home without having breakfast, she will create more differences between them. She further asks Hema to follow Gehna. Hema asks why should she when they know where Gehna is going. Kanak scolds her and orders to not use her brain much.

Anant’s driver comes to pick lunch for Anant and says Gehna called him to pick up Anant’s lunch box. Kanak says she will check with Anant and inform him, calls Anant and says Gehna prepared lunch box for him and went somewhere. Anant thinks where she went again. Dr. Abhay checks Gehna’s reports and seeing grocery bag asks what is it. Gehna says its an excuse to come here. He asks why don’t she reveal truth to Anant and clear the misunderstanding. She says she wants to give him a good news first and calm him down. He says Anant is very lucky to have her as a wife. She says she is lucky to have Anant as her husband and praises Anant. He fills injection with a suspicious smirk, sends nurse away, injects it in Gehna’s IV drip, and keeps her mobile away. He then notices Anant calling her and silently picks call, then asks why don’t she inform her husband about it. She says she will inform her family and Anant once she gets a positive result. He says as she wishes. Anant thinks who is a man with Gehna.

Hema returns to Kanak and informs that she couldn’t track Gehna. Gehna reaches home and finds Anant there. Anant asks where had she gone. She nervously says to buy some groceries. Anant gifts her flower bouquet. Dr. Abhay grins looking at Gehna’s photo in his mobile, recites a shayari, and thinks in a few seconds Gehna’s behavior will change. Anant gets romantic and tries to get intimate. Gehna tries to avoid him, but he doesn’t listen and is about to kiss her when she gets angry and pushes him away. Anant asks why did she push him, what is wrong with him. She says she warned him not to touch her. He asks why can’t he, he is her husband, she is avoiding him since yesterday. She says she can’t answer him. He asks why not. She pushes him down. Abhay thinks Gehna will fight with her husband and separate from him. He calls Gehna as his lady love Kajal and continues expressing his love for her via shayari/poem. Gehna throws a vase at Anant which hits a mirror. Anant is shocked to notice that while Abhay continues to grin.