Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Best bahu competition’s final round starts. Anant sees Gehna’s missing and calls her. Gehna lies unconscious in a trunk. Anant calls Swara and asks if she saw Gehna. She denies. Gehna wakes up and finding herself trapped prays Kanhaji for help. Anant also prays god to send Gehna back safe. A man hears sound from trunk, opens it, and finding Gehna inside asks who locked her in. Gehna thinks she cannot to tell truth to him and rushes out picking her mobile. She searches Baa and asks another judge Anandi who says she has gone to check props and its against competition rules to meet her. Gehna says its important as there is a family emergency. Baa returns. Gehna informs her that Kanak is in hospital and wishing to meet Pankaj, so if they can leave this competition and take Pankaj there. Baa says she cannot excuse herself from given responsibility. Swara walks in and says she picked Kanak’s call and wants them to take Pankaj to hospital to meet Kanak on a humanity ground. Baa praises Swara and scolds Gehna for being selfish. Once she leaves, Gehna thanks Swara for convincing Baa to take Pankaj along, leaving her frowning. Anant gets Gehna into car and asks why is she protected Swara. Swara confronts Kusum who says its good she revealed truth to Baa as Gehna would have done it anyways after getting out of trunk.

Pankaj visits hospital where doctors informs that Kanak is suffering from dehydration and asks him to feed soup to her. He does same. Kanak asks if he doesn’t love her anymore. He says she never valued him and treated him badly, but Swara respects him and hence he belongs to Swara now. She holds his hand and asks if he never loved her and if she is not his baby. He gets emotional. Swara enters. Gehna with Anant reaches hospital. Baa sitting in waiting area hearing Kusum loudly crying in prayer area and walks towards her. Hema questions Kusum why she is crying. Kusum noticing Baa says Swara just got married, but her sautan is back in her life; she is worried for Swara and also her another daughter Gehna who does so much for family but is misunderstood.

Pankaj noticing Swara says he just came to meet Kanak as she is ill and asks if she trusts him. She says of course and sends him away. She then taunts Kanak that became prisoner 9211 from a baby doll, she feels pity for her. Kanak warns her to stop using her panky. Swara accepts she is misusing her panky like Kanak did. Kanak warns to stay away from Panky as she is his original wife and Swara is duplicate. Swara picks dressing knife and warns to kill her if she eyes on her husband again. Kanak picks another knife and warns her back. Baa with Gehna enters and seeing tht warns Kanak to dare not threaten her bahu. Swara acts and says if she had not come, Kanak would have killed her. Kanak says Swara provoked her. Baa tongue lashes Kanak. Gehna says Swara must have provoked Kanak and they are not blind to not notice that. Baa yells at Gehna that Gehna is jealous of Swara and always tries to degrade her, her mother is right that Gehna is born jealous and cannot see others happy, etc. She then warns Kanak to dare not eye on Swara as she is her bahu and Pankaj’s wife. Swara grins at Gehna and Kanak.