Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Desai family stand shocked seeing dead body’s face. They return home and Baa prays god that nothing wrong should happen with Kanak. Anant returns home and informs Pankaj that dead body was not Kanak. Pankaj relaxes hearing that. Anant says soon they will search Kanak. Jigna yells at them to stop their drama, they boasts about their family, who sends their DIL out of house at midnight. Baa says she always considered Kanak as a daughter. Jigna says she wouldn’t have tortured Kanak else. Baa says she didn’t. Gehna asks her to calm down as her concern as a mother is valid and says soon they will find out Kanak. Jigna shouts they should or else they will send them all to jail, she will not go from here until she takes Kanak from here. Hema feels bad that she couldn’t help Kanak and blaming Gehna for Kanak’s problem thinks of punishing her. Jigna over phone informs her husband that Kanak is still not found yet and asks who must have troubled her. Hema says its Gehna.

Kanak sitting under a tree reminisces Pankaj kicking her out of house. Someone offers her food thinking her as beggar, but before she picks it a ragpicker picks it. Jigna slaps Gehna and alleges her for Kanak’s problem. Gehna tries to speak. Jigna yells her Kanak is a pure gold, but Gehna tried to prove he as iron; she will show what pain is. She pulls Gehna’s hair, and Gehna writhes in pain. Baa with family rushes to her and asks to stop physically harassing Gehna. Jigna says Gehna is responsible for Kanak’s problems. Anant says Gehna is not responsible, she instead helped Kanak and always hid her mistakes, she is the one who insisted family to not let Kanak out of house and is the most worried among them. He takes Gehna away saying let us search Kanak. Baa warns Jigna to dare not touch Gehna again or else she will not spare her.

Anant takes Gehna to their room and asks if she is having headache. Gehna cries that she is worried for Kanak and wants to find her soon. He asks her to rest as she is having headache, she always thinks of others and ignores herself; he promises that he will search Kanak in 24 hours and goes to meet Pankaj. Jigna thinks if Kanak is found in 24 hours, she will destroy Desai family and especially Gehna. Gehna dreams about Kanak walking to her and yelling that she ruined her life and should celebrate, forces her to laugh, and says she made an elder bahu a beggar and should make a film on it; she used to boast that family shouldn’t break, but she herself broke the family. Gehna says she is thinking wrong, why will she break her family; when she has returned, their family is reunited. Kanak says she returned here to leave forever. Hema walks in next and verbally abuses Gehna that she ruined the family and should handle it herself, etc. Gehna says she needs their support and holding Kanak’s hand pleads not to go. Kanak frees herself and hits her head on the wall. Gehna wakes up worried. Anant asks what happened. She says saw a bad dream. Chetan informs that Jigna’s fell ill suddenly and Sapan is not at home, hence Pankaj is taking her to hospital. Anant rushes out. Gehna prays god to send back Gehna.

Gehna walks on street senselessly. Anant with Pankaj takes Jigna to hospital. Gehna calls him and asks about Jigna. He says Pankaj took her for checkup. She says she feels Kanak will be found soon and he will notice her. He sees Kanak and informs her. She happily informs Baa. Anant finds Kanak surrounded by goons.