Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gehna gets happy seeing Anant. Hema asks Anant what is Gehna’s surprise birthday gift. Radhika enters. Kanak thinks a big bomb exploded now, asks Anant if Radhika’s is Gehn’a surprise gift. Baa asks not to say that. Hiral greets Radhika in and says she must have come to wish Gehna and takes her in. Hema thinks Radhika came again to trouble them. Gehna cuts cake and feeds Baa and Bapuji first and then others. Radhika wishes Gehna and feeds her cake. Gehna thanks her. Kanak tells Gehna that if she had informed her before that its her birthday, even she would have brought a similar gift like Anant. Baa stops her. Kanak says she would have bout something else and asks Anant what did he bring for Gehna. He says its a surprise and goes out.

Paresh tells Radhika that he will drop her home. Anant returns with Radhika’s bag and says she will stay with them. Baa takes him aside and asks how will Gehna feel if Radhika stays here. Anant reminisces Radhika requesting him not to inform family about her troubled marriage as she doesn’t want Baa, Bapuji, or anyone look at her with sympathy. He tells Baa that Radhika’s husband has gone on a business tour, so he brought her here as she will feel good. Baa asks what about others, nobody likes her here, she will speak to Radhika. Bapuji stops him. Anant takes Radhika to guest room. Baa angrily walks away. Pankaj tells Chetan that already there was a lot of dram and now Anant brought Radhika to spoil peace of this house. Sapan thinks he knows why Anant brought Radhika home, but if he is hiding the truth, even he will. Gehna stands sadly.

Paresh tells Tia that he clearly asked Anant not to bring Radhika home. Tia says even she is confused, if Anant still loves Radhika. Paresh hopes Gehna and Anant’s relationship shouldn’t be at stake because of this. Hema asks Gehna not to let Radhika here as she is clever and will try to grab Anant. Gehna says she will speak to Anant and ask reason. She then returns to her room and seeing lights of switches them on. She sees a note on mirror, reads it, and seeing a gift box opens it and gets very happy to see a watch. She wears it and finds another gift box with necklace in it and wears it happily. Anant walks in, and she shyingly looks at him. He says Radhika, she must be thinking why he brought Radhika home, and asks if she has any problem with it. She says he will not bring Radhika just like that and asks if he is hiding something from her. He says Radhika is his friend, so he b brought her just like that; feels guilty for hiding the truth from her. She thinks there must be a big reason if he is hiding truth. He asks if she liked his gifts. She says she got gifts for the first time as nobody celebrated her birthday till now. Anant says she celebrates everyone’s birthdays, so he will give her 20 special gifts on her 20th birthday and make it memorable.

Kanak walks to Radhika and says she is a runner up and lost to Gehna always, why did she return her. Radhika says when she ahs a partner like Kanak, she need not worry. She hugs her and says her plan was good and she made Anant believe that she is having a troubled marriage. Kanak says she will turn Gehna’s marriage into troubled marriage and will ruin her life. Radhika fumes that she will not let Gehna snatch her share of happiness. Kanak says she will snatch them and give it to Radhika. She thinks Gehna snatched her Mrs. Surat throne, now she will snatch her biggest throne and give it to Radhika.

Anant blindfolds Gehna and takes her to room where he shows her favorite panipuri. She gets happy. He says he will prepare it from his hand and feed her, this is just a beginning and there is a lot of surprise left. He prepares panipuri and just when Gehna is about to have it, Radhika enters and eats it.