Sasural Genda Phool 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ishan helps injured Titli reach her home. She stops midway and says she will go from here. He asks if she is sure. She says yes and walks a bit and falls down due to pain and requests him to help her again. He asks her to request. She calls him Ishu baby. He holds her hand and takes her home and asks if she really stays alone. She says yes and goes to freshen up. He notices a toy and picks it. Nimbu and soda walk in and ask who is he, is he a murderer who came to murder Titli. He say yes. They get afraid and try to run away. He stops them and says he was joking, he brought Titli home as she sprained her leg. He asks if he brought that big car, did he steal it. He says bough it. They ask if he can show them magic. He shows a trick. They laugh and says its a kids trick. He asks their name. They say Nimbu and Soda. Nimbu requests him to lift her up. He says he can try and lifts her. Soda tickles him. He falls down on floor laughs and asks not to tickle him. Titli returns and seeing him laughing thinks Mr what nonsense also laughs, says he will spoil his clothes. He says its okay and continues playing with kids.

Kashap family discusses that they should have informed Avni about Titli long ago. Rani serves them tea. Alok says Rano stopped them. Badimaa asks him not to scold Rano or discuss about it. Rano walks in and asks what are they talking about. Inder offers her tea. She says its a hot water, they misunderstood it as tea just like they misunderstood Titli as a nice girl. She then vents out her anger on Ishan that its his mistake that he hid the truth from them and made them embarrass in front of Avni. Badimaa calls Ishan and hearing him laugh gets happy. She tells Alok that she heard Ishan happy after a long time and will get him married to Titli for sure. Alok asks what about Rano. Badimaa says they should handle her.

Titli notices Nimbu and Soda emotionally blackmailing Ishan and grabbing money from him and scolds them to stop fooling an innocent man. Ishan says its okay and tries to give them more money. Titli stops him and sends them away. She tries to walk again and writhes in pain again. Ishan makes her sit and applies cold pack on her ankle. A romantic song plays in the background. Titli gets conscious and says its enough. He says she shouldn’t hesitate to seek his help. Their discussion continues. He asks she is a high level thief but stays in a small house. She says all thieves don’t stay in a mansion and asks him not to bother about her profession. He says he was just asking. She says she is sure Avni loves him. He challenges her.

Precap: Titli’s friend asks if she has fallen in Ishan’s love. She remembers her encounters with Ishan and smiles. Avni confronts Ishan that he didn’t inform her that he loves Titli and not her.

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