Sasural Genda Phool 2 25th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Reema coming to Simar and Aarav and gives her cards of Shakti store where she can get 7 ann, and other stores number. She says if khichdi couldn’t be made on time, then you can order khichdi from Bhojnalaya. She handover the cards to her. Simar says thank you di, I will win or lose with full honesty. Reema says I am your sister and not your enemy. Simar gets happy and hugs her. Reema looks at Vivaan hearing them. She says I can help you secretly and asks her to do the work. She goes. Vivaan tells Simar that she has won 30 percent of the war. Simar smiles. Reema thinks now it is Simar’s headache to make khichdi, and thinks to focus on important matters. Vivaan comes there and thanks Reema for helping Bhabhi. He hugs her. Reema gets happy and says I can do anything for you. He asks can I ask you something. Reema says I am seeing love in your eyes for the first time after many days. He says we will do our work ourselves from now onwards and also mom and dad’s room cleaning and their food too. Reema asks what? She says she don’t understand. Vivaan says Aditi and I have decided to do our work ourselves so that it will help Bhabhi. Reema says if Badi Maa comes to know then? Vivaan says nothing will be known, and tells that Aditi has already gone to the kitchen, I will wash the clothes and asks her to clean their room and also mom and dad’s room. He says I have made all the list and divided the work between us. He says once bhabhi wins this challenge, then house staff will be back. Reema reads the list and gets worried. Vivaan says I want my old Reema back and says you are trapped between saas and bahu matter. He says the Reema whom I knew was having dreams and wanted to become supermodel etc. He asks her to return his old Reema back after 4 days. He says we shall do our work ourselves. He goes.

Chitra comes there and laughs at Reema. She asks her to do her work. Reema says I will do. Chitra says you are good at cleaning, it is perfect profession for you, but not kitchen. She says there is no S of Swaad in your hand. She looks at the list and says Vivaan made a good list for you. Reema thinks a big company CEO is making list of house work, what will happen to him. Vivaan is again making the list so that Simar can focus on Sankranti function.

Simar gets ready. Aarav comes there and asks if my cute and lovely wife is searching this, and shows the bindi. She asks how do you know? He says let me stick bindi to your forehead. He sticks bindi to her forehead and applies sindoor in her hairline. Simar touches his feet and takes his blessings. He wishes her happy makar sankranti. Simar says even to you. He wishes to celebrate all his life’s festivals with you. Simar says every day is festival for me with you. She goes to check the arrangements.

Sandhya asks someone, who has ordered this, I didn’t order this. The guy says it was ordered by Simar bahu, and asks if there is any celebration today at home. Sandhya says there is no good news, we have kept puja for sanskranti and then bhog will happen. Simar thanks the guy for bringing the stuff and asks about the bill. Sandhya pays the money and asks him to adjust the remaining money with next order. Simar asks for the bill. Sandhya looks at her and goes.

Gagan flies a kite and it reaches Aditi. Aditi reads the message on the kite and comes out in the balcony. She tears the kite and calls him, challenging him to come to Oswal Mansion. Gagan says challenge accepted.

Simar is in the kitchen and is making khichdi. She thinks time is less and work is more. Badi Maa asks Reema to welcome the guests. Simar sees the guests coming there. She thinks my work haven’t started yet. She says she didn’t make khichdi and sabzi by now and prays to Mata Rani to help her. She goes to kitchen and the vegetables fall down from the kitchen slab with her hand. She gets worried and hears guest praising the khichdi of Oswal Mansion.

Chitra tells Giriraj that this is the chance and asks him to tell that Vivaan is the new CEO. Chitra comes there with Reema. Badi Maa also comes and greets the guests. Rajendra greets Badi maa. Badi Maa blesses him. Shobha looks on. Lalit and Vivek take badi maa’s blessings.

Roma takes Reema to side and wishes her happy makar sankranti. She asks if everything is fine at home and says something seems to be changed in the house. Reema says Simar is responsible for this. Sandhya hears ladies gossip that there is no chairs and no water served, it seems it is not Oswal function. Badi maa also hears and asks Chitra to come with her. She goes to the kitchen and sees Simar picking the vegetables from the floor. She reminds Simar that the bhoj will be served today and tells that no chairs is kept, no water is served to the guests. She says if you don’t do the work in 20 mins, then you will lose automatically. She says guests shall get tea, breakfast, and chairs to sit. She says the guests shall not be upset on this day.

The guest tells that they have called us to punish, and tells that since we came, we have been standing. Badi Maa hears and gets furious, says just 15 mins girl. She sits on the chair and thinks 20 mins are over, that girl’s time is over. Just then she sees Simar bringing the breakfast and juice on the trolley, and someone is behind her and standing holding more trays.

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