Sasural Genda Phool 2 27th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ishika hears Ishan speaking to someone and says if he is speaking to Titli, she will go away. He stops her and says he was blabbering alone to Suhana. She says he should tell Suhana bhabhi that he gave her place to Titli. He gets angry and says already family is against him and now she started. She says he has at least he has Suhana’s good memories, but she doesn’t have either. He apologizes her for being rude and asks if she signed up on a dating website. She asks if Meethi said that, she forcefully created her profile. He says she also deserves a second chance and one bad relationship doesn’t mean she will have another bad relationship. She hugs him from behind and says maa was crying continuously and slept with great difficulty.

Next morning, Ishan visits Rano who builds a toy structure and asks if he saw the flat. He says they did, Titli didn’t like it much, but they will check other flats. She asks him not to move out of house or their house will break down like this structure, pulling a piece. It doesn’t fall down. Ishan pulls another piece and says when they maintain balance, it won’t, so they should maintain a balance at home and let him go; its better to live separately with love than fighting. She tries her best to convince him, but he gets adamant and says he loves Titli and will marry only her.

Dadaji is busy listening to an old song. Daadi walks in and says Titli is ruining their house. He tries to calm her down. She explains in detail. He says he liked Titli and thought only she can replace Ishani. Daadi continues fuming. Rano complains Badimaa again and says she surely will not Ishan marry Titli. Avni walks in. They both welcome her and try to make her feel normal. Avni goes to meet Dadaji, returns and informs he is not at home. Family thinks he and Daadi must have gone on a date. Ilesh describes his sangeet story when Dadaji and Daadi went missing for whole day and when he questions them, Dadaji says seeing his marriage, he remembered his marriage and took his Mumtaz on a date.

Daadi returns with jalebis and says Dadaji forcefully sent him to bring jalebis. They all ask if dadaji didn’t accompany him. She says no. Dadaji searches Sohanlal halwai shop. A boy asks if he is searching something and explains shop’s new address. Dadaji thinks this boy is new to the area as he had come here a week ago. Family gets concerned hearing about Dadaji going missing. Ishan hears that and cancels his business meetings. Rano says he shouldn’t bother and should go to his work. He gets adamant and goes to search Dadaji. Rano and Badimaa ask Avni to inform where dadaji must have gone. She says usually Alzheimer’s patients forget where they had gone.

Precap: Ishan files Dadaji’s missing complaint.
Dadaji wanders in market.

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