Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shobha telling Chitra that she thought Gitanjali Devi will break this alliance, but she melted like a candle. She says Simar rules on her mind. Chitra tells that it happened due to turban. Shobha says who brings daughter to her sasural before marriage, tells that professor brought her daughter here. Chitra tells that marriage will not happen and tells that she has kept trump card for the last. Vivaan thinks of Reema and cries. Song plays….Saiyaan. He says whom he loved is becoming Bhai’s bride. He says his heart is full of pain, but he is ready for tomorrow, for my brother and family. Chitra says whatever will happen tomorrow, Oswal family can’t bear this. Shobha worries about Simar’s doings. Chitra tells that Simar’s pack up will be done tomorrow. Shobha says I didn’t understand. Chitra says you will understand tomorrow. Simar comes to Badi Maa and says tomorrow is the marriage, asks her not to get upset with Simar 2. Badi Maa says I think I did a mistake by calling you here. She says you shall go from here. She recalls asking Simar to take care and tells that she hates sangeet so much. She says you knows well about my life and everything and I hate it too much. She asks how can you call my pain as my stubbornness even after knowing everything. Simar apologizes to her and says I can’t think of hurting you even in my dreams. Badi Maa asks how did this happen? Simar says that ambience and moment was such. She says I admit that I have done a big mistake and apologizes to you by heart. She holds her ears and says please badi maa, forgive me. Badi Maa looks at her. Simar asks shall I get the ticket and hugs Badi maa. Badi Maa says the condition for the marriage is still on, that girl’s presence and reflection shall not fall on Aarav during the marriage. Simar says but….Badi Maa goes from there.

Simar comes inside the house. Aarav asks Simar if Badi Maa is still angry, asks if your magic worked on her. Simar says no, tells that time has come to leave, tells that she will leave after his marriage. She tells that she is feeling bad for Simar as it is not her mistake, she was singing to cheer her upset sister before she goes away from there. She says she wanted to cheer up upset Simar, but can’t do anything being afraid of Badi Maa. Aarav looks on. Simar 2 thinks of Avinash and Reema’s words. She gets Aarav’s call on her mobile and calls Reema. Reema is not there in the room. Simar 2 comes to the hall and thinks where did Reema di go? She comes back to the room and picks the call, tells that Reema ji slept as she was tired, she tells that she will ask her to talk to him tomorrow, says bye. He asks her to hold on and tells that he called to talk to her. He asks her to look down the balcony. She asks why? He asks her to look out. Simar 2 sees him standing with bouquet and holding Sorry Simar written on the paper/card. He says sorry. Simar 2 turns towards her room. Reema asks what is she doing here and with whom she was talking to. She looks out of window and sees Aarav standing. She asks Simar 2 to tell Aarav that she don’t like all this and asks her to tell that he shall end all these things, which she doesn’t like. She tells that if she don’t tell this to Aarav then she will wake up Maa and Papa and will tell them what is going on between the,. Simar 2 is forced to go down and tells Aarav that he need not do all this. He is about to keep his finger on her mouth and says Simar…whatever happened today was wrong and it was not your mistake. Reema is looking at them from the window and signs her. Aarav says sorry and gives her bouquet. Simar 2 pushes bouquet and he is taken aback.

Aarav asks what are you saying? Simar 2 says mistake is yours, you shouldn’t have called me at this time and wouldn’t have come to meet me. I am not your fiancé, you should have done this for her, not for me. She says why this card and flowers for me. She says you shall do this for Di. She tells that she doesn’t like all this, takes the card made by him and tears it and throws on his head. Reema smiles seeing this. Aarav gets sad and upset. Simar 2 folds her hands and asks him not to come and meet her. Aarav asks why your behavior is such? Simar 2 says what a girl shall do, if she thinks that a guy is crossing the line. He says this might be happening in America, but not here. He says when I came to know about it, I thought what you might be going through, as I thought you can’t hurt anyone’s heart, I was wrong. He says yes, your sister is my fiancé and we are family due to her, but I didn’t know that sharing the pain was crossing the line. He says yes, your Agra city is small, but its heart is big and your thinking is very narrow and your heart..He gets upset with her and tells that Badi Maa is right, small thinking people like you shall stay away from my marriage. He keeps the bouquet in the car. Reema smiles seeing Aarav upset with Simar 2 and leaving from there. Simar 2 sees him going in his car. Reema goes back. Simar 2 thinks of her moments with Aarav. Main Tenu Samjhawa ……plays…..She bends down and picks the flower petals, fallen on the road. She keeps it in her hand and cries. She thinks whatever she has done is for everyone’s betterment.

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