Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Badi maa telling Sandhya and Chitra that their tension is over, they got new naukrani of Oswal Mansion. Aarav asks Simar, do you know what you are doing? Simar says I am doing for what I have come, and says I am taking up my sasural responsibility and says I will be dedicated to my sasural for the next 4 days. Aarav goes from there upset. He asks Simar why did you agree, and says you want to be naukrani here, they want to make your life as hell. Badi maa asks Reema to note down everything to make her life as hell, and asks her to make the list of all the rituals, customs and festivals so that she get tired thinking about it. Simar tells him that even her mother worked all life, and they could complete their education and fulfill their dreams due to her. She says this is God’s chance to me. Badi Maa tells Reema that the chance shall become trouble for her. She says tomorrow is makar sankranti puja, and asks her to call all the ladies and organize the kite flying competition in the garden. She says increase the work so that she knows that this is Oswal Mansion, and not an ordinary house. She says I want to see, how she does all the Servants work alone, let her become my house’s Servant.

Simar tells Aarav that the Servants were like their family and says they have attended my muh dikhayi with so much love. She says she is happy to take care of the house. Aarav says you are not understanding. Simar says they are my responsibility. I will do it. She says Badi maa gave me the permission to do all the work, now I can do all the work which I wanted to do for my family and says your Simar has won.

Badi maa asks Reema to defeat her, so that she feels tortured. She asks Reema if she understood. Reema says yes and goes out. She sees Vivaan standing and hearing them. Vivaan gets upset with Reema. Reema asks him to hear her. He says it is my wish to bring them here, and you are hurting them, and hurting me. Chitra smirks hearing them.

Aarav tells Simar that she is very innocent and says from the side, I am seeing. I am seeing a conspiracy to lower you. Vivaan comes there and says they all want to humiliate you. Simar asks what do you want to have in food and asks them to think and tell her, until she clean the room. Aarav and Vivaan look on worried.

Simar comes to the kitchen and recalls Sandhya’s words. She prays to Devi Annapurna in the kitchen and lights the diya. She prays and says when I had come here, Maa made me do the Chula pujan with so much love. She asks her to bless her, so that she can feed the family members with happiness. She makes swastik on the gas stove and begins cooking. She comes to Badi maa’s room and asks shall I get inside. Badi maa says early morning, the garbage. She takes out her clothes from the almari and asks her not to throw it as garbage. Simar gives her coffee like she likes, and serves thepla and other stuff in the plate. She keeps her medicines as well. Badi Maa asks her to call her Badi Malkin. She says I regard you as cunning and clever girl. Simar says I will add more sugar in your coffee so that your mood gets better and tongue too. Badi maa says you want me to get unwell. Simar smiles and says I am happy that you shared your feelings with me. She tells Badi maa that she knows that she is particular about her sarees, and knows what detergent and washing machine to use for the different sarees. She assures that she will wash her sarees and will keep it in the cupboard. She takes the sarees with her.

Chitra tells Reema that she is trapped between Vivaan and Badi Maa. Reema says I am doing this as I want Simar to be out from here. She says Vivaan will be with me all my life. Chitra asks what is her plan? Reema says my target is Simar and says she will repent fully now. Simar brings tea for them. Reema asks if you was hearing us. Simar says never, and tells that she don’t hear others’ conversation. She says I understand whatever is in your heart. She gives hot pakodas baked to Reema. Reema says I don’t want. Simar says I will give tea and breakfast to Maa and Papa. She goes. Chitra asks Reema not to over react and asks her to enjoy morning tea. She says it is nice. Reema gets a call from Someone.

Sandhya tells Gajendra that there is so much negativity in the house, and that’s why she is thinking to get havan done at home. Gajendra says ok. He shows the groom’s pic to Sandhya. Simar comes there and asks for our Aditi? Gajendra and Sandhya look at her. Simar comes inside and says your choice will be good, Papa. Sandhya asks did anyone ask you? Reema tells that everything will be made at home on Makar Sankranti day. She looks at Simar, standing in Gajendra’s room. She pours the tea on Badi maa’s saree and says it was really good. She says this tea story will be longer, I hope you are ready for it.

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