Sasural Simar Ka 5th August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Reema asking Simar, if she wants to blame her and asks if she will stop her blame game in this birth. Simar says if the same thing happens again then she will not leave Papa. She says Badi Maa threatened to send Papa to jail and says she has Papa’s confession tape and said that if we both don’t leave house, then she will get Papa arrested and sent to jail. She says I told her that we both will leave. Reema says did you think about Papa, before taking rounds. She says I will handle Badi Maa with my way and calls her shameless to enter bahu’s room and troubling her. She asks her to count her 21 days and leave from there. She says what do you expect from me, after what kind of treatment I got here. She says this is my family and no outsiders are allowed to talk. She says after your exit, I will take care of this name and of Aarav. Simar says if you have fallen out of heart then it would be good, and says you have fallen in my eyes. Reema asks her to message her lecture on mobile. Simar tells Reema that she shall not eye someone’s else husband, after having her own husband. She says Aarav ji was never yours. She says while trying to get Aarav ji, you might lose even Dewar ji. She says such day shall not come, when you try to commit suicide and nobody is there to save you. She goes to her room and cries. Aarav comes there and tells that now he has to come to aarti. Sima gets up and gives him aarti. He takes aarti and looks at her.

Aarav says people drink water or lemon water in the morning and you drink tears early morning. He says I have surprise for you and wipes her tears holding her dupatta. He says I don’t have the handkerchief now. He asks her to get ready and wear blue dress, says you look beautiful. He asks her to wear the strong slipper which he had brought, and says whenever you get nervous, it breaks. She smiles. He asks her to listen and then says nothing. She goes. They come to Yamini Devi’s house. Simar hears Yamini Devi singing, mohe rang do lal….She smiles and walks inside. Aarav walks behind her. Simar sits and sings with her. Yamini Devi is still singing. Aarav looks at Simar. Yamini opens her eyes and sees Simar. Simar smiles. Yamini Devi says it is a wonder, lakhs of people heard me singing, but you are the one who can match your tune with my tune. She asks you are one in millions and asks who are you? Simar says I am your big fan and says it is a small word, you can call me as devotee. She says I am hearing you and devoted to your singing since childhood. She takes out her bangles and offers to Yamini Devi. She asks her to take the bangles as Guru Dakshini and says I will feel good. Yhamini says I have seen someone worshipping music. Yamini Devi says you didn’t tell who are you? Simar says I am the one who couldn’t record song with you yesterday. Yamini says so she was you and says you are standing infront of me even after doing a mistake and not only insulted me but also music. She says you would have come on time. Simar tells that circumstances was such that she couldn’t come. Yamini says nothing can come between her and her music and asks her to change her profession if something else is more important to her, as music needs dedication. She asks her to leave. Simar tries to touch her feet, but Yamini Devi goes inside.

Jogi comes there and sees Aarav there. He recalls Aarav slapping him and goes to call the goons. They come and check for Aarav, but he is already gone. Simar and Aarav sit in the car. Simar says my dream to sing with Yamini Devi can’t be possible. Aarav plays western music and asks if she sings such type of songs. She says no, I sing songs like Yamini Devi. He gives her tissue paper and says he heard her singing with Yamini Devi. Simar says music gives me peace, I don’t want to make it as profession. She tells that she wants people to understand the strength of music. She says you will not understand. He gives her more napkins and says he will try to understand. He says he will hear her singing today all day. He says lets go. Jogi and his goons come out. Aarav and Simar leave in the car. Jogi sees them going and throws a stick on his car, but it hits car and falls down. He gets angry and says he got saved. Yamini Devi comes and asks what happened? Jogi asks why did Aarav come here with his wife? Yamini asks who is Aarav? Jogi says he was Gitanjali Devi’s grand son and says she is even your enemy.

Simar and Aarav come to the park. Aarav asks her to hear the rhythm of birds etc. Simar tells that she has heard yamini devi’s singing for the first time when she was small. She says her song Moh Moh ke Dhaage. Aarav asks her to sit on the swing and sing, and tells that they are all audience in the park. She sits on the swing and sings yeh moh moh ke…while he holds the tree stem as the mic. Simar continues to sing….He moves her swing. Simar holds his hand and gets up. Aarav claps and says it is wonderful. Simar says this is the same song which Maa and Roma di used to sing with me. She says I was just trying. She says she couldn’t give Guru Dakshini to her Guru. Aarav says nobody can be angry with you for long.

Yamini Devi says Gitanjali Devi has snatched everything from her and tells that her kids has made her house impure and asks Servant Kajal to sprinkle Gangajal in the house. She asks her to find out what is her motive. Badi Maa gives charity to someone in the name of her husband Gopichand Oswal, and recalls starting business with him. A fb is shown for the same, her husband coming home and appreciating her for making the tasty pedas, which got sold at a good price. Badi Maa says we shall keep some money infront of Mata rani. Fb ends. Badi Maa says he is dead now, but I donate charity to hospital, NGO etc. Aarav and Simar come and hear Badi Maa. Simar goes from there. Aarav also goes. Bhairav informs Badi Maa that he saw Jogi and his men near the house. Badi Maa asks him to find out what that woman wants.

Aditi comes to Aarav and tells that she made the list of things which Bhabhi uses. Aarav checks and asks her to add diary. She asks him to go for grocery shopping with her. Simar comes there and tells that even she wants few things. Aditi says Bhai has written everything you need. She asks him to show list. Aarav shows the list and tells that needy things like kajal, liner, body shampoo, shampoo etc. Aditi teases her. Simar says I don’t want costly things and don’t need all this. Aarav says but 20 days are still remaining. Aditi asks what? Simar says nothing. She tells that Bhai will bring my stuff. Aditi asks if Gagan is coming and gets excited. Aarav says ok and asks her to tell if anything is left out. Simar comes out and meets Gagan. Gagan gives her Simar and Reema’s stuff. Reema comes there and asks him to come inside. She says I am not allowed in my mayka, but my family from mayka are allowed here. She asks him to come. Gagan refuses. Aarav comes there. Aditi says Aarav Bhai came. Aarav comes near Gagan. Gagan gets angry. Aarav recalls Gagan asking him to tell Badi Maa that Papa is fine.