Shaadi Mubarak 26th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Preeti sending away the media. Kusum asks how did you get this courage. Preeti says don’t know what is KT going through. Kusum says Nandini can do anything, come, we will go in. Nandini says I will stand here until you accept me, I will pray that I get back in your life. Preeti and Kusum come. Rati gets Tarun. He asks why did you get me here. She says I got news from media, a big drama is happening here, come. Arjun asks KT to marry Nandini. Neelima says KT, he is your son, just agree, accept him. Nandini says I will not take any food and water. KT says you didn’t change, you think you can fool others, but I have changed in 17 years, my love has turned into hatred.

He stops Arjun and says relax, I m not your dad, you are a nice guy, I m not you dad, you are a liar’s son, its true, I know you would be feeling bad to hear this. Nandini says you have loved me to limits. KT says no….its your illusion, I don’t love you. She says don’t lie to yourself, if you don’t love me, why didn’t you move on by accepting anyone in your life, you still love me. KT goes to Arjun and gets the sindoor box. Everyone looks on. Arjun smiles. Kusum says it will be wrong, he is your partner, tell him. Preeti says whatever his decision, I will support him. Nandini smiles. Neelima also nods happily. KT walks ahead of Nandini and goes to Preeti. He fills her maang. Everyone is shocked. Preeti looks at her sindoor. She sees KT. Nandini and Arjun cry. KT says I don’t love Nandini, I love Preeti and want to spend my life with her. Kusum smiles.

Tarun shouts on KT. He asks how can you do this, she is a widow, just dad had a right to fill her maang. Neelima asks how can you do this KT. Rati says Preeti refused to marry KT to do a drama in village, she also broke the partnership, so this was the plan to marry KT in front of his wife. Tarun says stop it Rati, its not a marriage, there is no pandit or mantra, marriage doesn’t happen like this, come, we will clean this sindoor. Nandini says you don’t love Preeti, she is your business partner. KT says I love her a lot, I will be marrying her.

Kusum says Preeti, KT loves you, you both stay happy, this jodi is made from heaven, you got late in meeting here, you also want him to be happy, you can give him love, you can accept him, Preeti, we had read Bhagwad Gita, everything happens for a reason, its all pre-destined, you both met at Tarun’s marriage and launched the company, you both have wounds, you fill each other’s wounds, this is real partnership. Tarun says stop it, Preeti is raised with values, love and marriage just happen once. Kusum says love happens once, it didn’t happen with your mum, you said your dad never loved her, she didn’t get respect or a smile, its done, love is happening for the first time, if love is there, then our values say that she has to marry, you have got a chance, be a good son, don’t chain her. Preeti cries. Rati says you have forward thinking, if she had to do this, why did she say that she has to earn self esteem, she would have said that she wants to trap a rich man, I swear she didn’t leave a chance to get us insulted in the world, we have to run away from here. Tarun says no need to hide our face, my mum can’t remarry. Preeti recalls KT’s words.

Pandit asks will marriage today or not. KT says no marriage will happen, I will be alone. He throws away the pots and stumbles. Preeti comes and holds his hand.